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  1. a totally positive upgrade experience
  2. Transcoding of .ISO -> Chromecast not full screen?
  3. Connection lost after 1 minute of playtime
  4. movies on sony bravia wont play.
  5. Playlist - Play same file multiple times
  6. Mezzmo App + Chromecast
  7. Mezzmo naming all of my movies with the same name
  8. NAS Title showing in Mezzmo but not showing on media devices
  9. MKV files
  10. Just an FYI for BB10 users with Mezzmo Android if there are others
  11. Samsung TV problem Loosing Video recognition
  12. info/errors in logfile
  13. New Mezzmo version detects different device profile
  14. Can you stream with wireless N?
  15. Finding Special Episodes
  16. Lg tv
  17. "flie not supported" problem
  18. Pre Transcoded files on RAID?
  19. I have permission problems with mezzmo
  20. New profile for Panasonic Viera no longer plays MPEG2-TS
  21. Is there a way to play next video like music does?
  22. Disc / Season issue with music files
  23. buffering
  24. Right-klick on a .VOB do not play (function is greyed)
  25. tv show titles
  26. Soooooo Slow transcoding
  27. Tv stopped seeing Mezzmo
  28. V4.0.6.0 Filename out of order
  29. sharing of .pdf files
  30. Cannot Get Mezzmo 4 To Show Title As Filename
  31. TV series and mezzmo 4
  32. Transcoding too slow (other servers work fine)
  33. How do I go about adding MKA files to my library?
  34. Empty folders in Active Playlist for New Episodes in Series
  35. How Random Are My Playlists?
  36. Playlist Subfolders?
  37. Samsung HT-C5550 and DTS HD
  38. Season/Episode AND part naming
  39. Pre-Transcoding question re: Blu-Ray ISO, Panasonic Viera ST60 DNLA
  40. XBMC ignores <Sorttitle/>
  41. how to get last 50 played back
  42. Question about the database
  43. Mezzmo Crashing everyday
  44. WD Live HD won't play at first
  45. Device profiles when transcoding is turned off
  46. problem with wdcloud 3tb and mezzmo
  47. Pause ffd rewind work over wireless but not when wired
  48. Sluggish
  49. TV Series Play Order
  50. Not real happy with upgrade
  51. Lost serial
  52. Cambridge NP30 24bit - 192khz?
  53. Not Supported File Type
  54. only transcoded Audio AC3
  55. How to completely remove Mezzmo library info for a video file?
  56. Mezzmo crashed and now all my folders and default playlists are gone
  57. Properties dialog is sometimes drawn blank with no text.
  58. Suggestion: ExitOnComplete command line option
  59. Active Playlists and Genre Filtering
  60. Best Media Player to use with mezzmo
  61. Problem with Fast Forward and Transcoded files
  62. System Re-Build ... Need Mezzmo Strategy
  63. New Samsung Curved TV issues with Mezzmo.
  64. LG 42LV5500 - MKV transcoding
  65. Mezzmo Bluray & HD-DVD support?
  66. XMBC client doesn't show some movie data
  67. Media Server crash when exiting program
  68. Difference between active playlists and folders
  69. Panasonic SA-BT230 and BT Home Hub 5
  70. System Task Getting Video Artwork Files Remaining
  71. Mezzmo on Amazon Fire TV
  72. Mezzmo app transfer to different phone
  73. Mezzmo and Window Media Player
  74. Strange problem: mkv shows as JPG
  75. TV LG model 55LB870V + mezzmo - problem with polish subtitles
  76. No files listed on Sony Bravia or PS3
  77. Sony Bravia TV not seeing the mezzmo service after a hard drive crash on my PC
  78. Files in Transcoded folder not auto deleting files
  79. Support Ticket 27669
  80. Directors Commentary
  81. Instant Viewer?
  82. Hisense profile? Generic NTSC crashes TV
  83. Pure Connect app?
  84. Help, Sharp Aquos LC-70EQ10U and MKVs
  85. video files getting false metadata
  86. No subtitles on a Samsung Galaxy Tab
  87. Problem streaming Blu-ray or DVD ISO to LG Blu-ray Player
  88. Problem playing DVD ISO images
  89. Problem with HUMAX TN 5050 HDR AV satellite receiver
  90. Probrem, bug. media read and File name (Kanji, Japanese)
  91. Streaming reboots my Samsung UN46D7000?
  92. Xbox 360 unable to skip forward
  93. Problem with the meta scraper
  94. DTS Audio on not playing 2013 Viera VT60
  95. Sony BDP-S480/580: MKVs with MPEG-2 Content "Corrupt or Unsupported"
  96. ffmpeg slow encode.
  97. Problem updating new content
  98. Folders listed but no VOB files showing
  99. AAC Problem
  100. Library add stopped.
  101. Cannot play DigitalTheatre MP4s via Mezzmo
  102. New video download not showing up on TV
  103. Does fast forward/rewind work on Samsung Blue-ray players?
  104. Streaming just stops :-/
  105. Certain active playlists missing
  106. Windows Maintenance while streaming
  107. Updating metadata.
  108. Untitled (taz1|0z1|3) for folder names
  109. Stream geht nur wenn ich Mezzmo wieder schließe
  110. scheduled maintenance at wrong time after locks change
  111. Android Trial
  112. Best Mezzmo Device Profile for Xbox One
  113. Mezzmo does not sho on my device
  114. DTS dropouts
  115. Amazon FireTV Stick
  116. Link XBMC to Mezzmo
  117. a little feedback
  118. Panasonic Viera VT20 mkv with XviD or DivX content not playing
  119. Samsung BD-H5100 Bluray player question.
  120. DLNA streaming and subtitle support for Panasonic BDT-230 Blu ray Player
  121. Mezzmo
  122. Possible little bug in new version
  123. Roku 3 Experience?
  124. Active Playlist for Unwatched TV
  125. Server showing twice.
  126. First item in library not accesible
  127. Mezzmo Crashing
  128. Mezzmo 4.1.0 Play To - Server not running
  129. Import Audio Playlists Into Mezzmo
  130. Play To feature
  131. Mezzmo no icons
  132. display titles - music
  133. Mezzmo Android App - With no Wifi
  134. Mezzmo Play-To question
  135. Best device to plug into a dumb TV to get the best out of Mezzmo?
  136. Streaming to Xbox One Stopped working
  137. Browsing into folder does not retrieve metadata
  138. Mezzmo 4.1 issue with heywords
  139. Smart playlist based on a file path
  140. Mezzmo wont add video files
  141. WD Live TV Won't Play some Mezzmo Movies
  142. Bitstreaming from Mezzmo to Panasonic Blu Ray to Yamaha AVR
  143. No video files in folder view but are in play lists
  144. Maintain Library Function
  145. FFMPEG - CPU Usage
  146. Maximum Image Size
  147. Unnecessary transcoding to Xbox 360
  148. Mezzmo MKV Subtitle Formatting
  149. Nexus 9 problem
  150. How can I make the Samsung Blu Ray (BD-D7500) a Digital Media Renderer?
  151. Latest update Media Server Crashes
  152. Library/folder suddenly gets inaccessible from GUI
  153. Video Data Not Supported
  154. Netgear media player
  155. Subtitles with strange characters
  156. Transcode probrem and setting.
  157. HP n54l - Graphics Card for transcoding?
  158. Possible 4.x Issue
  159. No audio in wtv files
  160. Folder art question
  161. Device profile Sony 2014 BLuray ISO only works on old profile
  162. 4.1.2 still has file properties problem
  163. Have problems on Server 2008 R2
  164. A previous package installation has not been completed
  165. Newbie Help with Device Profile
  166. Items not listed on Samsung F TV (Mezzmo
  167. Moving to dedicated PC
  168. Folder artwork not delivered - file artwork is - SONY TV
  169. Programe reverting to 15 Day Trail
  170. Mezzmo Android Cannot plat file
  171. Which profile to use with XBMC running on Gbox (matricom mx2)
  172. Android Mezzmo not seen on Sharp Aquos (2012) TV
  173. Browsing Videos
  174. check mark almost invisible in settings
  175. language choice possibility in settings
  176. Heavy and Laggy
  177. Play to
  178. mezzmo server not runing
  179. Slow/No folder content delivery to DLNA
  180. No FF/RW on Samsung TV
  181. Not working Mezzmo and Sony STR-DN1050 / BDP-S790
  182. WTV recording is only half the recorded time
  183. Where are the locations of network media (NMSS) stored?
  184. Mezzmo not showing folder in library
  185. Unable to upgrade, unable to unload Mezzmo - on Server 2012
  186. Mezzmo 4K streaming support on a Vizio 4K TV
  187. Music album and titles get duplicated when added since
  188. LG TV smi font crash
  189. Mezzmo drops from TV list after a few hours idle. Media streams fine when connected.
  190. BR ISO to Samsung HE 8590 UHD
  191. Editing multiples
  192. Device ID
  193. Update broke my Mezzmo
  194. Sony BDP -S5200
  195. Transcoded files not recognized.
  196. Sony KDL Ex550 and Subtitles
  197. could not get build date from FFmpeg.exe
  198. Automatic Folders
  199. NO Back Button
  200. Media stream keeps stopping
  201. Amiko Alien 2 receiver
  202. Turn off ALL language Rules. Where?
  203. New update unusable
  204. disconnect device
  205. Samsung Audio Selection
  206. XBox 360 stop/resume and DVD ISO problem.
  207. Samsung BD H5100 profile.
  208. Restricting Access to a specific movie folder
  209. Audio Slippage
  210. Had to turn off upnp on my router and now I can't seem to stream to my blueray
  211. Sony Bravia KDL55W905 DTS sound
  212. Some mpeg2 files run while others do not
  213. Server Setup
  214. Problem with new Mezzmo
  215. Correct device profile for Panasonic Blueray - DMP-BDT110
  216. Chrome Cast (DVD ISO to Chrome Cast dongle at my TV)
  217. Titles with strange informations after Mezzmo Update
  218. Memory requirements for Mezzmo 4.1.xxx
  219. Album index and mezzmo detection delay
  220. Mezzmo Server loading but service not started after upgrade?
  221. Maintain Playlist not updating information v4.1.3.0
  222. Mezzmo Issues (long, TLDR at bottom)
  223. How to play media file with mezzmo on server/work pc
  224. Question on folder sharing permissions
  225. Panasonic TX-P50GT60B
  226. Panasonic VIERA ST60 (2013) Streaming AVCHD problems
  227. Artwork suddenly not seen by WDTV Live
  228. Sony KDL / Samsung BD C5500 MKV Files Problem
  229. chromecast profile to transcode AC3
  230. Finding missing data
  231. Content Rating Confusion
  232. How to Stream to Chromecast
  233. Unable to stream 3D ISO Files
  234. IMDB not found
  235. Pretranscoding fast, transcoding slow
  236. update to ffmpeg!
  237. How to align RTL subtitles?
  238. deleted and replaced movies wont play
  239. Alternate Transcode Server
  240. Sorting subfolders
  241. Just upgraded to DirectTV Genie!
  242. All Audio and Video Files Deleted
  243. Subtitles, MKV & iomega ScreenPlay® TV Link Director HD Media Adapter
  244. Artwork/Poster Folder getting overly large
  245. Problems with Mezzmo App on Nexus7
  246. Samsung Smart TV DLNA Issue - AllShare vs replacement Smart Link embedded app.
  247. Issue cut/paste Smart Playlists
  248. The Mezzmo service doesn't start automatically
  249. Transcoding data have disappeared
  250. Forcing DTS to AC3/DD5.1 breaks ffwd/rewind and gives incorrect duration