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  1. Love Mezzmo
  2. Suggestions
  3. A request/suggestion
  4. Smart playlist enhancement
  5. feedback/questions
  6. My wishlist
  7. Evaluating Mezzmo - issues I'd love to see resolved
  8. Wow - does everything (well, almost!)
  9. Show Only Correct Shared Folder
  10. Playlist Containing Specific Files
  11. Allow Moving Conceiva Folder to New Location
  12. Possible new user questions
  13. Better support for Panasonic TVs and Blu-ray Players
  14. WDTV Live ( More Options )
  15. serves Sony BRAVIA as well as Logitech Squeezebox Boom
  16. Suggestion to help with the disappearing Mezzmo issues: watchdog
  17. Can, and if so, How to play Subtitles with mezzmo if embedded, or in srt fromat?
  18. A top level solution
  19. More info in the Status field
  20. bundled ffmpeg isn't multithreaded
  21. DVD (.VOB, .IFO etc) format playback support
  22. External subtitle support for Sony PS3 & Bravia KDL TVs - e.g. .SRT files
  23. Default Double-Click Behavior
  24. Rss feeds
  25. Dreamin' of Desctop streamin'
  26. Photo tags as a playlist attribute
  27. Mezzmo is a great Home-Server
  28. Incorrect sorting of playlist
  29. Transcode support for Nikon NEF RAW camera formats
  30. Droid-X Video Transcoding
  31. Enhacements for playlists such as Last Played
  32. RSS Video Podcasts
  33. Transcoding status/progress information
  34. Folder Thumbnails for Video?
  35. Support of TOD Files
  36. Mezzmo Translations.
  37. Virtual Soundcard - Jamcast
  38. Mezzmo
  39. Jump to title by typing the first letter/s
  40. Sopcast
  41. Mezzmo tricking Samsung Tv to see it as a external hard drive for recording
  42. DLNA Upload from Droid X
  43. Variable persistence of transcoded files
  44. Request: Field for video rating (G, PG, PG13, R)...
  45. Request: Device Profile Moxi HD DVR
  46. Different Ways of Displaying Folders?
  47. Pin protected shares?
  48. adult content and few other ideas
  49. Mezzmo works with Samsung Galaxy S as well!!
  50. Importing m3u playlist files
  51. last position memory
  52. Ask for resuming playback or not when a video file start
  53. Avoid black thumbnails for movies
  54. Request - .WTV Windows 7 Media Center Support
  55. Ability for Mezzmo to extract a subtitle file from a MKV for Samsung 2010 TV's
  56. ebooks
  57. So far love it..... my wish list
  58. Support for Raw Camera Formats (nikon .nef formats for me)
  59. Importing Movies from Multiple subdirectories
  60. Option to see if the video is already watched
  61. Play to (or ability to push to a DMR)
  62. Integrated Viewer Mode
  63. Improve Performance of Active and Smart Playlists
  64. Use video FILE NAME instead of metadata tags
  65. Just a few suggestions
  66. A tool to (re)name transcoded files
  67. Samsung LN46C750 with transcoding off
  68. Archos 28, 32, 43, 70 and 101 Internet Tablets Support
  69. Support for Yamaha RX-V 3900
  70. Any New Year discount on Mezzmo?
  71. Video library Scrppers
  72. Video information text box to post to
  73. File Renameing
  74. Last Added Smart Playlist
  75. HTC Wildfire Profile
  76. Set border around thumbnail to keep aspect ratio of thumbnail
  77. Thankyou!!
  78. Time managed sharing
  79. Internet radio / streaming URLs feature?
  80. A way to archive custom playlists
  81. HTC Desire HD Profile
  82. Best DNLA Server
  83. E-book
  84. Device settings - locked to MAC or IP address?
  86. Pre-Fetch Next Video VOB File
  87. Wish list
  88. Wish: Hierachical playlist, metadata editing
  89. Status field to display more info / Delete file
  90. Great Product
  91. Transcoding: list devices and transcode state - option to pre-transcode
  92. Two requests: Album Artist/Band tag and Active Playlist Filters
  93. Need Backup Config feature
  94. At Last, something that works..........
  95. A wish for streaming live audio
  96. Multiple Grene Tagging
  97. DVD Menu Navigation
  98. SMI Subtitle support
  99. Better support for streaming native files
  100. Use FFmpeg to tag Audio files
  101. Support for transparent png on thumbnails
  102. Turn off PC
  103. live streaming to dnla? for mezzmo
  104. Mezzmo Android app
  105. Better Video Tagging
  106. Support for Zyxel DMA 2500
  107. Tag editing
  108. Issues during trial period for Samsung B860 series TV
  110. Customized columns
  111. Support for a Roku Plugin
  112. Resume on Samsung...
  113. Integration with XBMC and nfo files
  114. Is it able to get rid of Pre-gapping?
  115. Video thumbnails
  116. [Feedback] Samsung 32C6900, PS3 & Xbox 360.
  117. From Mezzmo v2.2 to v2.3 on Samsung C
  118. VLC used to transcode?
  119. Profile for Samsung Galaxy S
  120. Profile Request for Samsung Galaxy S
  121. Video Thumbnails - Save as Image
  122. Search function
  123. Full on 64bit Version
  124. Keeping track of Viewed/non-viewed videos
  125. Transcoding settings by file type.
  126. profil for my onkyo BD-SP808
  127. tracks in playlist hierarchies
  128. smart playlist enhancements
  129. Mezzmo & Windows Home Server 2011 (codename VAIL)
  130. Nero AAC encoder
  131. Randomly playing video files in a folder (Usefull for music video files)
  132. FFW/Rewind for DirecTV H24/HR24
  133. System Tray status indicator
  134. profile for 2Player
  135. CUDA Transcoding
  136. XBMC thumbnail integration
  137. ROKU support
  138. Slideshow screen saver
  139. Mezzmo - development roadmap & estimated timelines
  140. C5500 works well with Mezzmo
  141. Mezzmo 2.1.9 with Sony BDP 370 PAL BR Player
  142. Blu-Ray support
  143. Better remote access support
  144. Hardware assisted encoding to transcode everything in real-time?
  145. Please Advise
  146. displaying files types
  147. Playlist protection with pincode
  148. Tivo Integration
  149. Wishlist Item: integration of commercial skipping
  150. Remux support
  151. Shoutcast streaming
  152. Server status/activity monitoring?
  153. Option to exclude unsupported file types
  154. PDF Manual and Sample Files
  155. Still Image File Format Request
  156. WishList: Info about transcoding buffer
  157. Show active streaming devices and active file for each device, with full usage log.
  158. Add option to update media library more frequently
  159. Multiple genre type
  160. Folder Thumbnail request
  161. Auto Video Cover Art From Internet
  162. Option to 'Close to System Tray'
  163. Option to ignore a movie file from the library
  164. on the FLY AAC to DD AC3 re-encode
  165. Add SortTitle field in addition to title field, or allow sort by filename
  166. HP Touchpad
  167. Desktop streaming and/or restream feature
  168. Devices screen and device properties
  169. QOS support
  170. IMDB integration
  171. Mezzmo show "Filename" instead of DataBase Index Number
  172. Some feedback
  173. Request: More metadata, and more control of how it is displayed by DLNA clients
  174. Request: Being able to open .rar and .zip files without extracting
  175. SRT File Support for Samsung PN63C8000
  176. Taskbar icon and maintanance tab
  177. Dvd navigation when ?????
  178. Treat Recorded Tv as a Special Case
  179. to place mezzmo playlists anywhere within a file hierarchy
  180. Streaming Video directly from Internet
  181. Have different Genre lists base on media type
  182. Feature Request: GUI Update, Taskbar Icon..
  183. Feature request: Virtual Directories
  184. Folder.jpg, Or in Rules, Library management.
  185. win 7 image rating & image metadata for smart playlists
  186. Couple Smaller But Very Nice Features
  187. Impressed
  188. More control with device profiles
  189. Separate the library files for audio, video and photos
  190. Use embedded subtitles
  191. Push streaming audio to my Marantz M-CR603
  192. Excellent Program
  193. create your own tv channel
  194. Overlaying file's metadata information
  195. Adding an admin interface
  196. Showing stop marks in Mezzmo GUI
  197. Show Folders/Playlists as Search Results for Google TV
  198. Playlists/Auto Playlists with Rights/Permissions needed
  199. System User for Servers
  200. 2 Requests: movie information import by script & choise of audio stream
  201. Metadata for Windows Media Center files
  202. Multiple music tags
  203. Only show folders with files in it
  204. Remembering last frame veiwed
  205. Kindle Fire device profile?
  206. Stream media online
  207. Convert MKV (and other?) chapters to Samsung MTA
  208. Supprt for pictures metadata?
  209. I never write comments
  210. an android app? mezzmo dlna.
  211. Buying / Personal Info / Privacy / PayPal Alternative?
  212. Filter media for certain devices...
  213. Mezzmo Database Maintenance and Enhancements
  214. Playlist customization
  215. Tapatalk
  216. Apple iOS app?
  217. A few cases
  218. Photo Tags
  219. Support for MPO Files
  220. Great Job!
  221. Additional Pre-transcode user functionality - flags & remove Pre-transcoded files...
  222. Auto Skip Video Music Photo for WDTV Live
  223. How to transfer iTunes Smart Play lists into Mezzmo
  224. A few wish items
  225. support for ISO & DVD folder structures
  226. Mezzmo add-in for WHS 2011
  227. Streaming Internet Radio Stations
  228. Winding and rewinding
  229. TV series with only one subfolder - jump straight to subfolder
  230. Transcoded files available
  231. Get subtitles based on language
  232. Splash Screen
  233. Include Studio Infomation
  234. Feature Requests
  235. IMDB database
  236. Mezzmo Front End App
  237. Preserve metadata on move
  238. A new way to capture metadata
  239. Tweak Smart Playlists
  240. Resume File Support For WDTV's
  241. The "other" node to the playlist keyword hierarchy
  242. Mezzmo works just about perfect with the logitech revue...
  243. Some Ideas
  244. New Feature Request
  245. Add SRT files without a Maintain Library
  246. Streaming throughput
  247. Remote Network Access
  248. Remove UAC prompt?
  249. The only thing i want for xmas (well an extremly early xmas)
  250. hi to the community. probably a new customer