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  1. Thank You Conceiva!
  2. how about Torrent downloading ability??
  3. Firefox 3 support
  4. Option to disable check for updates at launch
  5. Scripting
  6. Download Hash Verification
  7. Spanish version?
  8. Home license
  9. Bandwidth usage graph
  10. DownloadStudio 5: Shortcomings in brief
  11. Feature Request--Close Program After Downloading
  12. [BUG] Limit the rate of download does not work correctly
  13. Can't read the path completely
  14. URL Sniffer Issue on Windows XP Still Unresolved
  15. Which one is my download speed?
  16. DownloadStudio's treacherous behavior
  17. Internet Explorer toolbar of DownloadStudio is not installed
  18. Rapidshare and proxy feature request
  19. Resuming an update
  20. File type save locations
  21. A 'Portable' version of DownloadStudio
  22. Close, restore, minimize icons disappear sometimes
  23. Unable to download video files in bulk
  24. High Quality (HQ) contents on YouTube
  25. Fireflox 3.5 Support
  26. Issues with regional formats and Opera 10
  27. Issues: fast user switching not supported, Win7 RTM repaint issue, sort order
  28. Proxy server configuration.
  29. Program translation
  30. Wish to have an option to save default download configuration..
  31. DownloadStudio Monitor Auto-hide
  32. Version Version Complements: Big Fix - Dramatically improved behavior
  33. A few suggestions
  34. Mkv video file download using downloadstudio
  35. wake for scheduled download
  36. Advanced connection settings
  37. Add Support for Resuming downloads
  38. Support for fileserve downloads
  39. Imap
  40. Some suggestions for the Podcast downloader
  41. Support for FTP should be improved. Seriously.
  42. Resizable Add Job Dialog form (with memory)
  43. Save As in Add Job Dialog Box
  44. rename files after download!
  45. Norton Insight scan after download
  46. Focus on Filename: field
  47. Real life speed comparison
  48. Tried latest beta + feature requests (URL as argument, run after all jobs,...)
  49. Any thoughts of using an "up to date" file explorer
  50. Snap-to freature request
  51. Steam Support / add on