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12-18-2010, 11:01 AM
I have some feedback after using Mezzmo, and a few requested features.

I changed the Transcode setting to Off. There seems to be no real need to have this on, that I can tell. The default Samsung C device profile has this turned on by default (im asumming its in the profile or a default of Mezzmo).

With Transcoding on, it was lagging the server. its an old AMD 64 X2 duel core 3800+ running XP. The movie was pausing during transcoding. Same movie with transcoding turned off, played fine, no lagging, and the server wasn't even working hard.

The C750 plays back DivX, Xvid, h264, mp4, avi, mts2, mkv, and some vobs files, without transcoding. Won't play wmv, have to do more testing for fla and mov files. I supect they need to be transcoded. I am not an expert, but everything is working great with a large collection of (H264, Xvid, DivX) movies. When i come accross a format that it doesn't accept i will transcode it myself or delete the movie. Is it possible to be selective in transcoding? say not transcode mp4 files, but transcode fla files?

I am building my collection of movies using Mezzmo, it is so much faster to update the database, and reliable than Samsungs PCShare.

I have a few requests. Maybe the options already exist.

Can i have a jpg, or png file with the movie image saved with the same name as the video and have Mezzmo use that image instead of getting an image from the video?

Can i set a time distance into a movie to grab the image from, so its not always showing some preview unrelated image. maybe grab the image at 2 minutes into the movie (if the setting is set to 2 minutes). But first check to see if the movie already has a cover image.jpg with the movies file name. (hope thats not confusing)

*Update**Figured this out*Can the folder levels be changed. *Yes it can !, its awesome* instead of All movies, genres, recent etc. Can i have options to deselect ones i want or don't want listed. I may rather have Genres, or Folder be the only selection.

Can a feature be created, a special folder (on tv screen) thats called "Update Mezzmo Database" that will trigger Mezzo to update the database, without me having to go on the server to do it, its a monitorless server, so it would be 10 times easyier to do it via the tv's remote.

I'm very pleased with Mezzmo and how well it works. And I don't see a need to transcode movies, with the samsung C profile. I have not looked into transcoding and the videos audio formats like AC3, DTS or other multi channel formats. After I do some testing I will post my feedback.

I purchased Mezzmo after the first day of use. It's the best DNLA server I've used for windows.

12-20-2010, 10:32 AM
Thanks for the great feedback!

The device profile describes what needs to be transcoded and what doesn't, so even with transcoding turned "on", if your file fits within the description in the device profile, it won't be transcoded and will be delivered to the device as-is.

- Yes, you can have image with the same filename (different extension of course) and that should picked up for your movie. A future update will also allow you to change the duration to go into the movie to generate a thumbnail.
- Also, we do plan to have some "special" folders that would allow you to control how Mezzmo operates, so yes, you'll be able to update the database and do other things from your TV.

Thanks for the suggestions!