View Full Version : Sony Google TV Blu Ray Issue (on a Mac)

01-01-2011, 09:29 AM
I just bought a Sony Blu-Ray with Google TV and hooked it up to my Sony Bravia HDTV (46KDL-EX500). I downloaded a trial version of the Mezzmo software and tried to run it. I have a Macbook, so I downloaded it using VMWare on a virtual system that is running Windows 7. It installed with no issues, but it not being recognized by the system. The SONY system does not show up on the "Media Devices" list, nor does the Mezzmo software show up on the Sony media device list.

I was able to install EyeConnect on the Mac side and get it working. So, I know something is able to be recognized. I'd prefer to use the Mezzmo software, but I need help getting it to recognize the software and connect.

Could anyone help me get this going?


01-01-2011, 10:57 AM
I don't have direct experience with running Mezzmo over VMWare on a Mac, but your problem suggests a firewall/home network connectivity problem.

Try these things:

* Make sure your PC and DLNA devices are all connected to your home network
* Make sure your Windows firewall is allowing Mezzmo access to your home network. Go to Mezzmo's Media Server Settings dialog and click the Configure Windows Firewall button if it is enabled.
* If you are using another firewall, make sure "MezzmoMediaServer.exe" and the port listed in the Media Server Settings dialog in Mezzmo are not blocked. Also, the ports 1900 and 2869 should not be blocked.
* Make sure you have selected "Sony BDP" device profile in Mezzmo's Media Devices dialog for your Sony Blu-ray. There are 4 Sony BDP device profiles to choose and test with. You will need to experiment with each to make sure you have the right one.
* Check if your wired/wireless router has built-in UPnP. If it does, turn it off. Turn off and on your router when making changes.
* Check if your wired/wireless router has a built-in firewall. If it does, make sure it is letting Mezzmo and the ports listed above to access your home network. Turn off and on your router when making changes.