View Full Version : Thankyou!!

01-06-2011, 11:35 PM
I just wanted to take the time to come on your forums and post a little thank you.

I have been trying to 2 days now to get TVersity to work with my new Samsung HT-C5900 system and it was far too much drama and even still did not work completely.

I started looking for alternatives and found your Mezzmo software and am so glad I did. It worked straight away, out of the box, without dramas. Fair enough the Mezzmo interface on my PC is a little sluggish and not as pretty as the TVersity one, but I would much prefer the functionality that your software provides.

I am yet to purchase a license but will be doing so well within the 15 days as your software is well worth the price!!

01-07-2011, 08:39 AM
Glad that you like the software!

Can you please tell me about the issue with the interface? It shouldn't be sluggish, unless you have a really large collection (150,000+ files) and even then it should work fine on a standard PC. Certainly it shouldn't be slower than TVersity's interface. So, if there's an issue somewhere, we'd like to get it fixed :)