View Full Version : What is the best modem/router to steam videos with Mezzmo and why?

01-08-2011, 07:14 AM
What is the best modem/router to steam videos with Mezzmo and why?

I have a new Tesltra supplied Thomson TG782T which I imagine is basic!

Harvey Norman today have advertised "Wireless N Belkin Dual Band Play Router and a "Wireless N Belkin Play Modem Router"
-- customise the wireless traffic in your household:
-- surf the net, email & print on one band - senstive traffic such as music, video & gaming on another

Found this review which is a concern!

The good: The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router is compact, supports true dual-band, Gigabit Ethernet, guest networking, network storage, and USB printers. It offers fast wireless performance and a long range.

The bad: The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router requires the Belkin Router Manager software to be running on a computer for its advanced features to work. It is confusing to set up and use, doesn't have any status indicator lights, and its network storage performance is slow. The router gets hot when used for an extended amount of time, and its firmware is buggy.

The bottom line: The Belkin Play Max Wireless Router seems like a simple and fast wireless router, but its useless desktop software and cumbersome USB-related features make it less appealing than other options.

The Play Max router is a disappointing step backward for Belkin. Compared against Belkin's own highly rated N+ router, the wireless networking and network storage capabilities of the Play Max are bogged down by Belkin's software, which must run in the background for many of its features to work.

The router is housed in a plastic chassis and doesn't have any status indicator lights, except for one that shines solid green if the device is on and ready and amber if something's wrong. Its included software applications are either confusing or useless.


01-10-2011, 10:40 AM
The best solution is to have wired net, as that's the only solution, I believe, that'll give you consistent throughput, required for smooth video playback. All other options may or may not work, depending on your router, your walls, interference, etc... I personally have an N-network set up at home and it works most of the time. I also have wiring for the times it fails :)