View Full Version : Will Mezzmo do this ?

01-14-2011, 06:33 PM
Case : I am an IT administrator in a company with 150 employee's that use their computers daily.

A rather large number og these users use their internet connected PC's to listen to a few different internet streaming radio channels.

This creates a rather large load on the internet connection we have and i wanted to lighten this load.

What i want to do is this :

Grab the internet streaming radio with some sort of program and redistribute it from a central server.

This way if 20 people listen to the same stream i would take it and distribute it internally reducing the load to 1/20 ..

I would like to be able to grab up to 10 different streams and if the server is really smart it will only grab and rebroadcast the streams that is actually listened to.

Can Mezzmo do this ? (If not, what program will).


01-15-2011, 02:13 AM
Unfortunately, Mezzmo doesn't support live streams at this time :( But I think it's something they are considering for a future version.

No idea what could help you proxy that, sorry. Look around if there wouldn't be a way to proxy Shoutcast broadcasts - that would be an interesting idea for sure.