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01-18-2011, 01:26 AM
I am new to Mezzmo, it is working great on Samsung BDP 6500 BR player, but have TV in bedroom (Samsung UNB468000) that is not working well. I have several blu ray rips in various formats, MKV with 264/AC3 plays, but no skipping. MP4 with 264/AAC either plays perfectly or says invalid file format, depending on file. M2ts files play video only at too fast of a framerate (maybe 30?) with no audio.
These files all play flawlessly on BR player, even some with DTS audio. Files play the same on TV using Samsung share manager, except m2ts which are not recognized. If I set to transcode all, I still can't ff/skip, and the time on the progress bar on the top of the TV screen shows about 10 seconds from the end (1:25:30 of 1:25:45) for example.
I've tried Samsung A, B & C profiles, B seems to work best.

Is there a single best format I should have all my videos in to enable ffwd? I have a quad core 2.9 gHz PC, gHz wired LAN.

01-18-2011, 08:46 AM
Are you using the latest released Mezzmo v2.1.12?

Also, using PCSM - do they play same as Mezzmo or do they play same as the BDP? Maybe also try one of the Samsung BDP profiles to see if they work better.

01-18-2011, 11:09 PM
Using latest Mezzmo 2.1.12. All files play the same on the TV as with PCSM, except M2ts files. Some of these (m2ts) play at a fast speed with no sound. I can ffwd these, but otherwise they aren't really watchable. The large m2ts (15-20 GB) seem to be transcoding in Mezzmo, they play fine, but the time bar at the top says the wrong point in the movie, and I cannot ffwd.
MKV with 264/AC3 play perfectly in both Mezzmo and PCSM, but no ffwd. These play with ffwd when on USB attached to TV.
MP4 with 264/AAC- some play perfectly with ffd in both Mezzmo and PSCM, but others say invalid file format and don't play at all. If I remux these files as Mp4 without audio they play perfectly with ffd, so it seems to be a problem with the audio stream.
I have tried Samsung B and Samsung BPD profiles, the only difference seems to be the large M2ts files are not transcoded in BPD profile, and have the wrong speed, also with some stuttering.

I haven't tried PCSM on the blu ray player, since Mezzmo was working so well. All videos I have tried have played perfectly with full ffwd control, including the MKVs, MP4s and M2Ts files mentioned above. The M2ts files play at normal speed (as they do on my PC) with normal sound.
I know the TV can play fewer formats than the blu ray player, but I was hoping Mezzmo would help me transcode if necessary to get full functionality with ffwd. Maybe there is a way to remux all video streams to MP4 and trancode audio to AAC, since that is the container the TV seems to like best (some of the time).
My plan is to eventually get another BR player for the bedroom, which hopefully will have better DLNA support .

01-19-2011, 08:22 AM
We have some updates for the device profiles, so please e-mail support and we'll send them out to you. Maybe they'll help with those issues and if they don't, we'll continue resolving them for you.