View Full Version : Photo and Video files not listed on Sony KDL-22PX300

02-01-2011, 03:42 AM
Support are looking at this for me, but wondered if anyone else has any input...

Got Mezzmo working fine with Samsung TV and Bluray in the lounge, but bought a couple of Sony KDL-22PX300 units for the kitchen and bedroom and having some problems with these.

Bought one initially, plugged it in and immediately could play from the music library without any fiddling. Great stuff, went and bought another one. Only then realised that no Photo or Video files were listed. Folder structure was there, but no files.

TV has been correctly identified as Sony KDL by Mezzmo, and as I say plays music files fine.

Oddly, I loaded a couple of extra albums into the music library today - and the Sony TV doesn't list any of these files - although it lists all the other music files. All new files are same format and bitrate as the old ones. Samsung TV sees the new files fine.

Anybody seen simliar behaviour?

02-03-2011, 06:51 PM
Schoolboy error - I had transcoding turned off. Turned it on and all worked. I'd turned it off because it seemed Mezzmo was unnecessarily transcoding files for the Samsung TV, and the quality was not as good. However, having turned it on again it doesn't appear to be transcoding for the Samsung any more and the Sony TVs work.