View Full Version : AVG 2011 Internet Security - firewall issues when TV is hardwired to router

02-01-2011, 06:59 AM
I use AVG 2011 Internet Security software (previously AVG 2010)

I am having issues with the AVG firewall turned "ON" when the TV is hardwired to my Thomson Gateway TG782T router which was provided by Bigpond in October 2010.
-- The TV can not access the Mezzmo media server (not displayed) - tried rebooting computer and turn TV off & on.
-- I have hardwired the TV to the router to eliminate the stuttering of several movies which has worked except for one movie "300.avi"

When I turn the AVG firewall "OFF", the TV can access the Mezzmo media server.

I have not changed any settings in AVG or the TG782T router.

When the TV is connected by wireless, I have no issues with the TV accessing Mezzmo with the AVG firewall turned "ON"

Are there any readers experiencing the same problem with AVG Internet Security????

Mezzmo is a fantastic product.

02-01-2011, 11:48 AM
We have tested Mezzmo with AVG 2011 Internet Security and it works fine with two network cards. Can you please check your Logs in Firewall settings and see if Mezzmo is being blocked somewhere. You can also add Mezzmo to the Other Applications you need to add the MezzmoMediaServer.