View Full Version : Navigation on Sony BDP-S370 for DVD Movies

02-04-2011, 11:59 PM

I am trying to use Mezzmo to view a library of DVD's that I have ripped to my PC. My issue is that on the Sony DVD player that I am using to browse Mezzmo and play the file I get a folder structure that I need to navigate all the way into and choose a file to play. Is there a way that I can have the sony show a structure like <folder - Name of Movie> then when look in that folder I simply see a single file that can be chosen to play the entire movie? I am attaching a screen shot of what I see now on the PC. My apologies for what is probably a simple newb question, but I am not able to locate info for this.


02-07-2011, 07:59 AM
Hi Andy,

No, not at the moment. This is a planned feature for a future version, but it will mean that the movie will probably need to be transcoded into one single file before you can watch it as such (it'll be done automatically, so transparent to you).