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02-13-2011, 03:28 AM
hi, i'm newer on mezzmo.
i'm trying version 2.1.13, at this moment, I'm very satisfied; mezzmo is the only one software that has recognized my Toshiba TV REZGA SL series and I don't needed to modify configuration files to convert AVI to MPEG2. GREAT !!!! :)

The first question that I have to do is: is it possible skip chapters on divx (converted on fly) ? ... for example "PS3mediaserver" has a parameter to set number of minutes between chapters (does not work, but exists ... there is a good idea ...)

second question: i have loaded thumbnails for some video. is it possibile to see it on dlna-tv ? my tv ignore thumbnails and show video preview

tnx a lot

02-14-2011, 09:26 AM

Mezzmo does not have the ability to create chapters (at least currently, but it's an interesting idea). If we supported creating chapters, it would then be up to the TV to get them out of the file and use them (e.g. allow you to skip to another chapter). I suspect that most TVs will not let you do that with DLNA files though.

With the thumbnails and video preview - if the TV has another listing mode, then perhaps it'll show thumbnails, but if it only has the video preview mode, then it'll generate previews on its own and we cannot override that (since we don't control what the TV displays, we can only tell it what we have).