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02-14-2011, 08:10 AM
I've bought the application because it worked with my DirecTV HR24-700 and H24-700 where other server software did not. TVersity worked, but there was no tech support available other than forums that were not monitored by developers, etc. I've always felt that that was akin to the blind leading the blind. The other killer for TVersity was that if I paused a vid I had to start it all over again. Mezzmo allows me to pause -- Hurrah! When will it allow Fast forward and rewind?

The only issues I've had have been with subtitles. Al of my movies are .AVI with XVid and VobSub .idx/.sub subtitles and am very interested in seeing that implemented. I did try a conversion to .srt subs, but the HR24-700 wasn't able to display those. As I have a lot of foreign films and anime in my collection this is disappointing. Other than that I've only received one error of a transcoded video having too high a frame rate.

I do have a question about whether modifications are made to the directory stucture or files. I have a large collection of films and music on my server (mezzmo is run from my desktop) and do not want them altered in any way. iTunes has caused more than a little trouble with that, so for the time being I have been copying files to a desktop directory and streaming from there

02-14-2011, 09:05 AM
I'm glad you like Mezzmo - thanks!

Mezzmo does not modify your folders/files in any way, so you will not have the problem that you had with iTunes rearranging your files.