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03-06-2011, 12:46 AM

I'm currently evaluating Mezzo and so far it has made a very good impression, even though work with it is sometimes suprising (e.g. handling how media is added to the library). Also, sometimes the UI just freezes when switching tabs that contain many elements (e.g. the file browser or my music folder) and is sometimes slow.

An especially appealing feature of Mezzo is its extensive support for what you call play lists (which is not what I personally understand by the term "play list", but that might be just me). Beside the naming, this feature is actually what makes Mezzo the top favourite for me currently, because I'm after better organizing my media library.

What I especially want is to have my videos ordered by their genres. On the disk they are organized in folders, but this is not enough. A video usually belongs to more than one genre so I want it to appear in my WD TV Live several times, depending which genre I select. Creating play lists for each genre and manually moving the movies there works nicely (even nested, like all Matrix videos in a Matrix folder under the action genre). Very cool indeed!

What I now miss, however, are properties for multiple genres and also actors for a movie file (there is an Artist property, which doesn't make much sense for a movie file and also allows only one "person"). Creating an "Active Playlist" based on multiple genres would make the piece perfect (getting genres and artists from the net and a playlist for each of the actors would then be the icing on the cake :D .

Did I miss something and at least the genre separation is possible in a different way or is this something nobody thought of so far? Also, why are my audio genres listed in the drop down for a movie file? I think this genre handling needs a bit polishing (multiple genres independent of other media types).



03-07-2011, 03:31 PM
Thanks for your kinds words. Multiple genres is a nice idea and it has been raised by other users. We will implement it for an upcoming version. Sorry I cannot give you a firm date at this stage though.

03-20-2011, 07:14 AM
Actually, I solved this by a very simple trick, which seems obvious once you got the idea. Using a smart playlist with a condition like "genre contains Fantasy" I was able to organize all my movies. The multiple genres for each movie are imported as one genre with comma-separated strings, so that works well enough for me. As a side node genres (and other info) created by My Movies Collection Management.