View Full Version : question about a auto refresh feature in mezzmo..

03-11-2011, 12:47 AM
hello again,
i have every thing all sorted as far as connection and streaming, thinks to the tech support.. so GREAT JOB! very happy..
but i like to have my downloader send files from the youtube and such to a collection folder on the computer.. having mezzmo share this folder with my TV..
is it possible to have mezzmo auto refresh so i do not need to go back to the computer every time some files are downloaded and click refresh? i would like mezzmo to refresh the folders every 5 or 10 min.... is this possible?

im wondering is its just some simple congif in options...

any ideas?

03-11-2011, 09:33 AM
Mezzmo can do exactly what you are after. What you need to do is add a "folder" into your Mezzmo Library. In Mezzmo, click on "Videos" in the tree. Then click "Add To Library" and click "Add Folder". Choose the folder containing the videos and click OK. That's it.

This folder will be auto-refreshed every time you visit it in Mezzmo or via your DLNA device. So if your download manager adds another 5 files into this folder (or sub-folders), then the next time you browse the folder using your DLNA device, then these 5 files will be found and displayed for you to play. No need to use Maintain Library.