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03-14-2011, 08:51 AM
Hi, I have lately installed Mezzmo for my new Samsung C650 television. I've a number of videos with .srt subtitles, which display fine on the television.

The problem is, the subtitles -always- display ! No, they're not burned in, and removing the .srt file makes them go away, but nothing short of that works.

The television manual says that there is a 'tools' menu option to turn them off but that menu item is not there on my television. Is it possible that if Mezzmo sent data differently, they would be controllable from the TV?

Is there an easy way in Mezzmo to say 'hide all .srt files' ? I can't even find anything in Mezzmo that lets me see which videos have subtitles, I have to go to the Windows filesystem and look there.

I may have to delete them all which is a shame; sometimes e.g. late at night I like using subtitles, but they rather spoil things if they're shown all the time!

thanks for any tips

03-15-2011, 05:12 AM
Hi, I dont have a solution for you but since I own some Samsung devices I might just add to the discussion, Yes, when using USB playback and the software Samsung PC Share Manager (Dont know about the latest version, i stopped using it when I found Mezzmo). Then you have the menu option to turn subtitles off or even resync subtitles.
I havent seen this option when using Mezzmo though.
Perhaps somone else could add why this is and if there is a plan to solve this (would be very apprechiated)
Just dont pull your hair out looking for the menu when using Mezzmo:)

03-15-2011, 11:54 AM
In Mezzmo v2.2, if there is a .SRT or .SUB subtitle file alongside the video file, then Mezzmo will tell the DLNA device about it. The DLNA device can then request it and display it whilst playing the video. Usually DLNA devices let you turn on/off displaying subtitles.

If the Samsung TV is not letting you turn off subtitles, then there is no control currently in Mezzmo's user interface to let you turn off supplying subtitles to a DLNA device. The only workaround I can suggest for the moment is to copy your videos into another folder so that one folder has your videos with the subtitle files and one folder just has the videos. Then you can play either one as you please.

We will look at improving this when we complete development of our new subtitle engine.