View Full Version : Mezzmo keeps "forgetting" my device.

03-18-2011, 02:13 AM
I'm using an Android phone (HTC Desire Z), with the Samsung Captivate profile. I've assigned my phone the permanent IP, and i use an app called WiFi Static to make sure it keeps that address when I'm connected to the home network.

Mezzmo will work fine for a while, yet once in a while it forgets this device. I'll try to play a video and it fails. I'll check on Mezzmo, to find either that my device is now "unknown", or it has somehow had the IP changed to (the first in my DHCP range)

First thing I do when it fails to play a video is check the IP on my device, in case WiFi Static didn't do its job. Most of the time its is set to the IP I want (.110), and I'll have to edit Mezzmo to set the profile back to Samsung Captivate to get video going again. Once in a while I'll have the wrong IP on the device. If I turn off Wifi and turn it back on again, WiFi Static kicks in and sets the correct IP, but by now Mezzmo is confused and has to be updated.

I don't doubt that my occasional IP change is confusing Mezzmo, but it seems to me that if the IP changes then Mezzmo should see it as a different device, not mess up the current profile?

Of course, this will become moot when MAC is implemented :)