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03-27-2011, 05:04 AM
Hello, I don't want to start a new thread, but am not sure how to get the info I need. My 15 day trial is up, and I wanted to see if their were any improvements that might make Mezzmo useful to me. It seemed like it was not able to do anything more with Mezzmo, that I wasn't able to do before. Of course 15 days was not long enough to figure much out. I wanted to be able to stream live radio broadcasts (from the internet), to multiple parts of the house simutaneously via 3-d samsung blueray players which are connected to speakers etc. It does say that there is another 15 days available, but I would like to save that, or look at the improvements made since I got the last download, so I am not wasting 15 days if what I want to do is not easily "do-able". Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. I also have the SONY SMP-N100 and a large amount of Sony Altus Air equipment (multi room wireless etc. etc. ) Thank You In Advance!

03-28-2011, 10:00 AM
I've moved your post from that thread to this new one - I'd rather keep discussion in that thread related only to connection issues, sorry if this causes confusion.

Mezzmo does not currently allow streaming live Internet feeds, but it will help you if you need to play content that's not compatible with your devices and also allows for great flexibility in organizing your content. If you have any specific questions on certain things Mezzmo can or cannot do, please don't hesitate to ask.