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03-31-2011, 05:43 PM

while organizing my (video) files into playlist using mostly smart playlist with partial matches in the genre field I came accross the question if I really covered all my files. Having several hundred video files manually checking them is a tedious task. So my question for you is: Is it possible to find out all those files which are not yet listed in any playlist? A related, but also very interesting, question is: how can I see in which playlists a file is listed.

Thank you,

04-01-2011, 08:36 AM
Hi Mike,

Yes, those are interesting questions :) A file can be in the database, but not in any of the playlists if it was deleted from all playlists, but not removed from the database or if it was part of a folder added using the "Add Folder" command and then was removed from that folder. Of course to see all of them, you can use the "All Videos" and other playlists, but there's no function to see a file that hasn't been organized into any smart/active playlist. Most probably that file doesn't have any metatags, so it's not in any of the active playlists, right?

Some playlists in Mezzmo are dynamic by nature, so we cannot tell you in which playlists a file will appear exactly without going through the whole database and checking every single playlist for this file's inclusion (or not), thus there's no way to see where a file is included. It may be an interesting statistic that I'll add to a future to-do list.