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02-03-2009, 03:45 PM
Hey I just recently updated to DownloadStudio Version Now I am having problems w/ your video capture window. My question relates to how to operate your software. But I'll include some of my system info (pls let me know if u need more system info). System information: Windows XP Media Center Edition sp 3, 3.19GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM.

On your DownloadStudio Audo/Video Capture window, there is a crosshair Window icon. I left click (and hold) on that icon, drag my cursor to the window that I want to capture - release when that window is selected. That part works fine.

The problem I have now though is that I can not see the 'selected window' box that used to be present to highlight the area that will get recorded!:confused: Where is the control in DownloadStudio to make the selected window appear as an outline?

I used to know how to make that 'selected window' box visible or invisible. I had left it on invisible. But now, I'm looking all through everything - all your options, I can not find the place to make that 'selected window' appear as a visible box again.

I hope that all made sense. Thankyou your time. I'll check back here in a bit to see if you can help. Also, I'll monitor my e-mail for any response there.

02-03-2009, 03:58 PM
In A/V capture, when you drag the crosshair over a window the selected window should be outlined with a flashing rectangle until you release the mouse button. On release of the mouse button the window will revert to normal. There is no option to change this behavior and there is no way to show the currently selected window after it has been selected.

We are not aware of any bug in this area, but if you are not getting this flashing rectangle while dragging the crosshair I would suggest trying uninstalling and reinstalling DownloadStudio to see if it fixes the issue.

02-04-2009, 10:07 PM
Yap! Your description exactly reflects what my new version of Download Studio is doing right now. I got the flashing box until I release the mouse button. So it's all good. I had an older version of Download Studio that actually gave me an option to have a permenantly positioned box visible at all times if I wanted it. After the update, I could not find the option to make that box visible, thought I had broke something or was just dum. Thanks your time and help. :-)

Just a suggestion: I recommend you include in a future update an option that would allow users to make that box remain on their desktop. Knowing exactly the position of that video capture window (by a discernable clearly indicated box) can make things much much easier when moving windows across that spot, in the movie making process.

Also, that older version of Download Studio I had, it allowed me to move that video capture window by pressing <shift> + <ctrl> (I believe were the keys), while it was recording! That was so handy!

I don't have any idea why you guys took away those handy aspects of your video capture options :-( Please do consider adding them back in future updates! Specifically those two options are what made me interested in even using Download Studio video capture.

My old version I had was Version (I think that was the version gave me those 2 above mentioned options). Is there a way or a link that I can install that older version? That way I could make use of those really cool video capture features that are no longer available.

Hey! Thanks your time :-)

02-05-2009, 09:09 AM
Maybe you have used another product with the features you described? DownloadStudio A/V capture has never had these features, although they sound like they would be a useful addition for us to add!

If you would still like to download an older version of DownloadStudio, please contact support, via the support form on our web site.

06-07-2009, 10:46 PM
Im working on capturing video from my game systems. I was told that my video camera can do it but what is the best video capture card so I can capture images from my A/V or HDMI channel to my computer thanks for the help

Captain Trips

06-09-2009, 09:16 AM
Sorry, can't really help with this one. A/V capture will capture frames based on the video output to the screen, I'd suggest you look on a forum specifically targeting video capture cards.