View Full Version : Bravia 32W5500 TV only sees Mezzmo folders but no files

04-09-2011, 04:33 AM

I am new to this forum so please bear with me :-

I recently bought an LG NAS and I was hoping to stream video files from the server to the Sony Bravia TV. I have installed Mezzmo successfully on my computer and it runs flawlessly. I can even see the Mezzmo icon in the Bravia browser interface and all the folders that I have instructed Mezzmo to watch appear normally.

The only problem is that once I click on these folders, the TV says 'No elements to view' despite the fact that they are filled with video files.

I can easily see all the files that I made Mezzmo watch on the computer, and even play some of the videos (that have the right format).

I have tried to create an account on the NAS using the same login information as I use for Windows 7 (my OS), but it does not appear to make any difference.

I am left clueless. Can anyone help me resolve this issue? I would be most grateful.


04-11-2011, 10:05 AM
Hello Helgi,

Can you please check two things first:

1) you are in the right mode on the XMB on the TV (e.g. in Video mode when browsing video folders)
2) you are using the "Sony Bravia KDL W" device profile (check Media Devices dialog in Mezzmo)

See if the above fix the issue and let me know.