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04-10-2011, 08:10 AM
Hi I'm currently using the trial version of mezzmo. I was going to purchase but however decided to trial first.

My issue I'm using this TV
Series 6 55 LA55B650

Over a wired 100mbit cat5 network. I'm trying to stream 1080 movies and its struggling. Even trying a 720 1.3 GB file it stutters, stops and continues to next movie.

My configures the Device is set to Samsung A as autodetect set it to that should I use B? My transcode settings are below

http://img855.imageshack.us/img855/4157/transcode.jpg (http://img855.imageshack.us/i/transcode.jpg/)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us (http://imageshack.us)

Any advice? I tried PS3 media server and it can play the movie for alot longer. However can't fast forward etc.


04-11-2011, 10:06 AM

Yes, please change the device profile to "Samsung B" as that'll provide a closer match for the formats that the TV supports. Also, setting CPU priority to "Very High" may limit the server's CPU share, please set that back to default for now.

What sort of CPU do you have?

04-11-2011, 10:48 AM
Thanks for the reply.

CPU is dual core 2.66. And 6gb ram. This sufficient?

04-11-2011, 10:53 AM
Dual core is not really enough for high-def (1080i/p) transcoding (for real-time playback), but should handle 720p and below. Can you please post FFmpeg information on the file you're trying to play? Or, if you wish, enable logging (see this thread: http://forum.conceiva.com/showthread.php/419-FAQ-How-to-turn-on-diagnostic-logging) then try playing it and once it starts to stutter, stop the server and send the logs to support (at) conceiva (dot) com - that'll tell us the exact transcoding speed and if there are any other issues with that playback.