View Full Version : TV appears in "Media Devices", but can't find the software.

04-24-2011, 10:10 PM
Hi :)
I've downloaded today the trial version of Mezzmo.
When I activate it, my TV appears in the "Media Devices" and the "Connect?" is on "Allow".
However, my TV can't find the computer. I have Philips 46PFL9705 and when I enter "Browse PC" it just keeps searching, even though it already appears in the Mezzmo software.
I don't think it's a Tv problem beacuse I was able to stream videos via Tversity but I wasn't happy with the software so I've deleted it.
How can I resolve this?

Thank you :)

04-26-2011, 05:47 AM
Does Mezzmo appear in the list of devices? It does on my Sammy. If it does, choose Mezzmo instead of choosing to browse PC.
Hope that works for you


04-26-2011, 07:19 AM
Hi Brett, The "Browse PC" feature is what opens the menu that displays media streamers that the TV found. It is not a media streamer, and when I enter this menu Mezzmo does not appear.

04-26-2011, 09:44 PM
The typical reason for not seeing "Mezzmo" appear on your DLNA device is that something on your PC or home network is blocking communication between Mezzmo and your DLNA device. Read through and check these possible causes: http://forum.conceiva.com/showthread.php/1183-FAQ-Cannot-see-Mezzmo-on-your-DLNA-device