View Full Version : turn off the server or not?

04-27-2011, 06:58 AM
I've just started using Mezzmo. The initial connection went super. I updated to the latest version about 2 days ago. During the update the question was asked: the server is running do you want to turn off the server before updating?
1 what should I answer and why? I think I said yes but I'm not sure.
2immediately afterthe update my sony bdp recognized 2 mezzmo servers, I assume the newste version and the earlier version. However, after turning off the computer and checking the next day the bdp only recognized the older version (I could see the newer version but it was grey only the older version was green) what if anything should I do? I've considered deleating the bdp from the devise list and letting it find it again but I'm afraid that deleating the bdp might be a permanent deletion and I don't want that?

any suggestions are welcome,

04-27-2011, 10:24 AM
When you update Mezzmo or make any changes to devices in Mezzmo, you should turn off and turn on your Mezzmo media server. Mezzmo usually prompts you, so you should just say Yes in these cases.

Please do the following with regards your Sony BDP:

Run Mezzmo and stop your Mezzmo Media Server.
Go to the Media Devices dialog and delete all devices from the list.
Now start your Mezzo media server.
Assuming your Sony BDP is turned on, you should see it recognized by Mezzmo. Go back to the Media Devices dialog and make sure the right device profile is selected for your Sony BDP model (i.e. Divx/No Divx, PAL/NTSC).
On your Sony BDP, you may need to go to Network Settings mode (Connection Server Settings) and Erase all servers and then Update the media server list to make sure you have Mezzmo media server listed.