View Full Version : Feature Request: GUI Update, Taskbar Icon..

10-16-2011, 12:50 PM

Here are just a few inputs, and ideas that would be cool additions.

1.) It would be awesome if the GUI was updated to reflect the appearance of Windows Vista / Seven a bit better.

2.) A system service taskbar icon would be a nice touch. This would help enable restarting, stopping, and starting the media server without having to launch the actual program.

3.) In my opinion, don't try to be anything other than a media server. There are options built into Windows 7 to burn media, same with Windows Media Player. I really have no use for that feature in Mezzmo.

4.) Better Samsung TV support. While it displays the Folder Tree quite well on my Samsung TV, it would be nice to use the containers built into the Samsung TV and have them work as advertised. The best example of this is that the Samsung TV has the Videos, Pictures, and Music folders already pre-defined. However, folders that you add to Mezzmo will show up under any of those folders regardless of any settings that you define. I realize that this might be a limitation of the firmware currently running on my Samsung TV, but I'm not sure. In all honesty you guys are probably the closest other than MiniDLNA to achieving this.

10-17-2011, 09:52 AM
Thank you for the suggestions - some of those are already on our to-do list and I'm glad they're getting some interest.

Regarding Samsung TVs - the folders should reflect the structure that is under the corresponding Audio/Video/Photo playlists in Mezzmo - so, it should show respective playlists on the TV as well (e.g. ones under the Video in Mezzmo GUI, should appear when you enter the Video section on the TV). Is that not happening or do you mean something else?