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10-19-2011, 07:10 PM
Hi everyone

Been using Mezzmo for just over 1 week with pretty good success so far, I thought a little extra control would be great in the device profile section i.e

When selecting for instance device profile Samsung D series tv or Playstation 3 you can either select transcode or not to trancode all files, I was wondering if it was possible to add at that selection stage what file types to transcode and what not to transcode.
Meaning have a list of file types with tick boxes next to them eg MKV, AVI etc because some devices have really good onboard playback of certain file types and not of others. At the device profile selection stage we could what was just streamed nad what was transcoded and we wouldnt have to go into the control panel to turn on and off the transcoding.

that probably made no sense (it did in my head)


10-20-2011, 08:46 AM
This will be possible when the pre-transcoding version (2.5) of Mezzmo is released. You'd be able to select files from your Library and pre-transcode them on a per-file or per-folder basis.

Generally, the device profile should cover what the device supports and thus such files do not need to be transcoded (except when their specific encoding makes them incompatible with the device).

10-20-2011, 07:12 PM
Thanks for the reply that makes sense.

One of the best forums Ive ever come across for getting a reply from staff who know the product

Can you explain the reason for pre transcoding is it for cpu that arent upto the job ? seems a bit wierd thinking ahead what your going to watch if that was the cas wouldn tyou just convert it to a compatible format


10-21-2011, 08:43 AM
Yes, it's mostly for underpowered CPUs, but also for mobile devices - those that only support MP4 and where transcoding in real-time is not possible due to the technical limitation of the MP4 format. It will also enable FF/REW on some devices that prevent you doing that while the file is being transcoded. Plus you can override (force-transcode) incompatible files, even if they seem to be native to the device. There are a lot of benefits :)

01-06-2012, 04:31 PM
Just an update - Mezzmo v2.5 has been released and it includes the 'pre-transcoding' features that we mentioned as a solution in this thread.