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10-25-2011, 04:58 PM
Hi all.

I have been tasked with creating a custom extension for chrome and integrating DownloadStudio into it. Using the extension provided by Conceiva as a example I have successfully implemented the basic functionality. An example XML script as follows

<add_jobs display_dialog="yes">
<job type="file">
<user_agent>Chrome/ Safari/000.0</user_agent>

Due to various reason I won't got into here I have been asked if it is possible to implement additional options such as specifying the default download location and a few other thing. After exporting a list of currently active jobs I find that the xml file contains the following additional options:

<originator />
<auto_categorize />
<change_extension />
<comment />
<connection_timeout />
<create_sub_category />
<create_sub_folder />
<file />
<folder />
<keep_retrying />
<keywords />
<max_error_retries />
<originator />
<password />
<post_data />
<priority />
<receive_timeout />
<referer />
<retry_delay />
<splits />
<synchronize />
<type />
<url />
<user_agent />
<username />

After attempting to implement the majority of these options (one at a time) my custom extension fails to start downloading as well as no stating any error response.

So what I was hoping is that there may be some documentation from which these options are explained and how to implement them?

Thanks for taking the time to read and any help would be appreciated.


10-26-2011, 09:17 AM
There is currently no documentation of the DownloadStudio script elements, if you could use the 'File->Export' function to export the job to XML and send it to support@conceiva.com we could have a look to see what is wrong.

Does the job just go straight into 'Failed' state when it is added and the 'Job Conversation' is empty?