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11-29-2011, 02:59 PM

I'm trying DownloadStudio for the first time so please bear with me:

I'm running Windows 7 and installed the extensions for Chrome and IE. When trying to download video from YouTube, I can't exactly follow the instructions. Right-clicking does not give me a 'Download Video' option, but I do see a 'stop download' one. Ignoring all that, I go to the DS toolbar or icon and choose to download video from there. It finds and downloads the video okay, but doesn't change the file name to the specific name I typed in. Basically, I don't want any underscores in my file name, so I type in the filename that I like, but the saved file still has the underscores. The custom name shows up in the Jobs pane as the file name, but if I go to the file in Windows Explorer it still has the underscores.

So, question number 1 is: how can I get the files to save without underscores?

Question number 2: Where is the option to convert the files after download?

Finally, a random issue: after installing the DS extension in Chrome, I noticed that Netflix would give an error after I added a movie to my Netflix queue. The usual pop-up box that shows other movies like the one you just added throws an error then shows up as a new page, not a pop-up. I wasn't trying to use DS anywhere on Netflix, this was just something I noticed in my normal Netflix use. Disabling the DS extension in Chrome fixed it. I didn't notice any issues with Netflix in IE with DS toolbar enabled.

I'm about to purchase Mezzmo (love it!) and wanted to buy both with the special, but I want to at least be able to do the same things I can do with free downloaders.



11-29-2011, 03:56 PM
when you right-click on the YouTube video you are getting the flash object's context menu, DownloadStudio does not put any entries in there so to download the video you need to go to the DownloadStudio toolbar icon (as you have done) and choose to download the video.

The filename that you type in when the job is added is for the html page that hosts the video, DownloadStudio downloads this page and finds the video url and title and uses these to download the video. The underscores are from the video title, there is currently no way to rename the video file before download when using this method.

DownloadStudio does not provide video conversion functionality, in order to convert the video after download you will need to download a video conversion tool and create a post process action. A popular tool for converting videos is ffmpeg (Mezzmo uses this).

We will test the netflix issue in chrome, it is likely caused by the click monitoring in the DownloadStudio extension (you can disable click monitoring from the DownloadStudio toolbar in chrome).