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02-16-2012, 05:23 AM

As a brand new user, here's a very small wish - can we have a flag to not show the splash screen on log-in? I only really need to know if there's a problem on start-up, and I'm happy that I can click on the tray icon if I need to know more...


02-16-2012, 08:45 AM
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the suggestion - we'll consider it. One useful feature of a splash screen is that it tells you that the program has actually started loading, so you don't wait around with no visual feedback wondering whether it's loading or not.

02-23-2012, 03:09 AM
I understand this, and if I were worried about whether the program was working properly, it might be useful. But, in the normal run of things, I'm happy to assume that the program is working. I currently have Bullguard, NetDrive, Virtual CloneDrive, LogMeIn, and TomTom Home all installed, and I used to have Reget server installed. They all do stuff as part of their start-up, and none feel the need for a splash screen. Some use the tool-tip to provide information, which is fine. At least provide a configuration check-box to disable the splash screen, please.

03-07-2012, 06:54 PM
I agree. The splash screen is a little over the top. As with any type of server, a good one will sit quietly in the background and do its job well. As Andrew stated, if I wanted to know more or was concerned about something, I can just click the icon in the tray.

03-08-2012, 10:52 AM
Perhaps there is a little confusion here. I'll try to explain how Mezzmo works.

There's two programs included in Mezzmo. There is the Mezzmo app (Mezzmo.exe) that lets you configure your Mezzmo library, your devices & control your Mezzmo media server. This is a normal Windows application and has the splash screen (like most Windows apps). Then, there is the Mezzmo media server (MezzmoMediaServer.exe). This is a Windows service and has no user interface at all (including no splash screen). When you start/stop your Mezzmo media server in Mezzmo, you are starting/stopping this Windows service. After you close your Mezzmo app, the Windows service continues to run (by default).

By default, when your computer starts, the Mezzmo media server Windows service is started so your computer is ready to stream files. You can change this setting in the Media Server Settings dialog in Mezzmo.

You only need to run the Mezzmo app when you want to change/maintain something in your Mezzmo library, etc. You do not need to run it to stream files to your devices. So, typically, you do not need to run it at Windows startup.

06-23-2012, 05:21 AM
Sorry to come back to this after such a long time, and thank you for that clear explanation.

My experience of using Mezzmo is this: I log on to my computer, and as part of the log-in sequence the splash screen appears. After around 2 minutes the splash screen disappears. No sign of any Mezzmo application. Hence I wrongly assumed that the splash screen was part of the service.

However, it would seem that Mezzmo (the application, not the service) has in fact been loaded, and is running minimised in the system tray. I looked around for a way to stop Mezzmo from loading at log-in, and I found the 'Run at Windows Startup' option. Now, I thought (and there's nothing in the help to indicate otherwise) that this was referring to the Mezzmo service being started up as the machine starts. But, in fact it looks like it means the Mezzmo application being loaded at log-in time.

So, if I clear this checkbox I get the functionality I want - the service is running, and there's no splash screen until I manually start up the Mezzmo application. And I don't mind the splash screen when I start the Mezzmo app, although it does take a little too long considering I have a pretty fast machine (Win 7 64-bit on an i5 760, 2.8Gz and 8Mb RAM).

Lastly, then, I'll downgrade my feature request to a rewording of the option 'Run at Windows Startup' to something like 'Run Mezzmo at Log-in' to clarify the situation.

Many thanks for your help.

06-25-2012, 09:07 AM
Hi Andrew,

Glad it's working now. Just to clarify - in the Options dialog, the 'Run at Windows startup' is for the Mezzmo application, and in the Media Server Settings dialog, you will find startup settings for the Mezzmo server (service).

The slash screen is displayed in the Mezzmo application whilst Mezzmo is initializing and loading your playlists. If you have a large collection of media files and playlists in your Mezzmo library, then it can take longer.

We will look at re-wording the Options dialog text to make it clearer.