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03-17-2012, 06:30 AM
So far Mezzmo is working great. I love having cover art on my 360 and Panasonic TV.

The only wishes I have found so far are:
1) to improve the criteria options for creating smart playlists.

For example, I can specify one or more genres for a music play list and it works fine. I can specify one genre and restrict it to show only songs rated higher than 2. But if I want to create a play list with multiple genres and only include songs that have a rating of 3-stars or more I can't do it. (Can I?)

for example; I'd like to set up a Smart Playlist with the following rules:
Genre contains 'Ambient'
Genre contains 'Trip Hop'
Genre contains 'Down Temp'
Rating is greater than '2'

If match is set to 'any' the playlist will include all songs that match any single rule. If match is set to 'all' no songs will be listed.

I'd like to see typical selections 'and' and 'or' added a tree structure and grouping be handled by a tree structure.

for example;
Genre contains 'Ambient'
or 'Trip Hop'
or 'Down Tempo'
and Rating is greater than '2'
and Year is greater than '2000'
and Title does not contain 'Live'
or 'Acoustic'

2) remove smart playlist duplicates based on artist name and song title

3) copy existing playlists so a near duplicate can be created. Or add a master filter that is automatically applied to all playlists to remove qualifying songs (ie Rating greater than '2', Genre does not contain 'country')

03-19-2012, 10:59 AM
Thank you for the suggestions - we'll add these features to future versions.

03-25-2012, 08:39 AM

I'd like to add a couple of things on this topic - one I think is a bug and one a suggestion for a future release;

The bug - I set up the Roladex style playlist (very helpful for finding films), but I noticed that when you look at the smart playlist properties, select the 'Limit Playlist To' checkbox and then select 'Filename' under Sorted by, I think it actually sorts by the Title rather than Filename.

For example, I wanted all 8 Harry Potter films ordered chronologically so I amended the filename of the first film to H1arry Potter and the....., second film to H2arry Potter and the.... etc, but this didn't work - they were still ordered by title. I know I could have ordered by Year, but I have other films beginning with H, so that wouldn't really work. Any chance this can be fixed, and the option to sort by Title can be added as well in a future release?

The request - if I create a similar Rolodex playlist for my music albums with a smart playlist called "A" where Album starts with 'A', or Artist begins with 'A', then it just lists all of the songs that meet those criteria - it doesn't seem to be possible to first select the artist or album. Could you look at this for one of the future releases too? Or let me know if there is an existing way to do this?


03-26-2012, 10:26 AM
Thanks for the bug report regarding sorting via filename vs title. We'll investigate and fix it. We'll also add title.

We do already have planned the ability to create playlists based on the contents of the parent playlist, and this would allow you to organize & list your files as you mention in your feature request. Many thanks for the suggestion.

05-17-2012, 06:13 PM
Mezzmo v2.6 has been released today. It now includes title sorting and filename sorting. Please upgrade to this new version and let us know if that works better now.