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03-19-2012, 07:49 AM
I've noticed an odd problem with site rules. I use Chrome and have always had problems with DS properly and consistently intercepting and reacting to clicks on downloadable file links. That's not the issue at hand; I mention it only to provide context for what follows. A more reliable approach has proven to be right clicking on a link and then selecting "Download Link" from the context menu. Here's where the problem arises.

The first time I do the "Download Link" thing on a site, DS pops up a window asking for username and password for the site in question, despite there being a site rule to provide that information. If instead I "Copy link address" and manually add the download to DS, the file downloads without any further intervention on my part. Having done this, subsequent "Download Link" actions also work without prompting for username and password. Manually adding the first download appears to prime the pump for "Download Link".

03-19-2012, 08:45 AM
It is possible that the site you are downloading from uses a redirect for it's download links, your site rule URL might match the original URL but not match the redirect URL and this is why after you copy the URL into DownloadStudio the site rule will be triggered. Once you have successfully logged in to the site via the site rule the login will remain valid for a period of time and this is why the subsequent downloads do not have the login problem.

You will need to review your site rule URL to ensure it matches the URL of the download when you right-click it and download it from the browser. A site rule http://www.mysite.com/* may match the copied URL but the right-click URL might be in the form http://mirror1.mysite.com/download.zip. Try changing your site rule so that it has a wildcard * before and after the domain name http://*mysite.com/*.

03-21-2012, 06:31 PM
The site rule URL is in the form "*.sitename.*". I've had issues with rules before and found it best to wildcard as much as possible.

The suggestion that it's a site login issue fits the scenario since it's only on the first download link action that it causes a problem, but I don't think it's the site rule itself that's causing the login to fail.

I just double-checked the site rules and ran through the same sequence. The initial download link action fails. A manual copy/add of the same link begins downloading without issue. A subsequent download link also begins downloading without a problem. This was on a different site than the one where I initially ran into the problem, so it's not just a single rule or a single site.

03-22-2012, 10:17 AM
It will help us to determine what is happening if you could send a URL that has this problem to support@conceiva.com, if you could include the URL with wildcards from your site rule then we can check to see what is happening.