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04-06-2012, 04:48 PM
What size media collection is Mezzmo designed to deal with? I'm sure the marketing answer is "limitless", but anyone who's worked with computers for a while knows there are always limitations. Even the best of databases starts to slow down when the number of records exceeds some limit.

I ask because I have a fairly large collection of video and graphics files, and Mezzmo seems to be having trouble dealing with it. I'm fairly certain everything has been initially entered into the database at this point. Tonight I tried a couple searches. They each took well over a minute to complete. When I click on any of the non-folder categories in the library Mezzmo spins its wheels for a very long time, completely ignoring user input and looking non-responsive to Windows. When I clicked on the Photos category I waited over five minutes and finally had to use task manager to kill off the Mezzmo process.

I'm sure one of the problems is I've not set up anything more than the initial non-folder categories, so clicking on "Video" results in it trying to coalesce and preview 17,000 video files. Even though this is a lot of ask of any program, I don't think it should be spinning its wheels and ignoring user input. At the very least there needs to be a way to interrupt/cancel what it's doing.

Is my configuration messed up or are 600,000 files too many for Mezzmo to handle?

04-07-2012, 02:33 AM
In a couple of other threads it appeared that an "undocumented feature" crept in that caused the db to spin its wheels badly. It should be repaired in the next point release.
As to size, well my system has 22118 music files and 949 video files covering 7TB. Mezzmo has not been a problem.

04-07-2012, 04:36 AM
Not to get into a whose is bigger match, but I was being a tad conservative with the question about 600,000 files. It's actually closer to 700,000. And that doesn't include the files on my main media server, which has been offline since I installed Mezzmo on the machine I intend for it to run on. (I previously had it on my laptop just playing around with it.)

Watching some transcoding being done last night it appears the computer in question may not be up to the task. The transcoding of HD video files was falling behind the necessary frame rate with virtually all the system's resources available to Mezzmo. I'm not blaming Mezzmo for anything here. Just commenting that the machine is not up to the task of transcoding and therefore might be deficient as far as the database goes as well.

I'm anxiously awaiting the next version to see if it fixes my database issues.

04-10-2012, 10:03 AM
Thanks for letting us know. We regularly test Mezzmo with 700K media files, so we expect users should be able to use Mezzmo with this size of Mezzmo library.

We have reproduced the 'slow' issue that you mention and we are fixing it for the upcoming release.