View Full Version : Add SRT files without a Maintain Library

04-11-2012, 06:12 AM
Any chance a feature can be added to have Mezzmo add an SRT subs file automatically on next browse of the folder, either in the app or by the TV.

The same way as when a new video file is added.

At the moment i can drag a new MKV file to my videos folder and it appears on the TV straight away and it's automatic.
If i then realise there are subtitles required for non-English spoken parts, i have to run MKVExtract to pull out the SRT and then rename. That's no big deal.

But to then get Mezzmo to send the SRT file, i have to run a Maintain Library, which for me can take upto 20mins since my d/b is quiet big, and thats only updated missing info.

It would be good if Mezzmo acted the same way for SRT files as with video files.

Just a thought.


04-11-2012, 08:35 AM
It's a good idea and we're looking into this when we release our next major version that will have more subtitling features.

For now, you can reduce the maintenance time by right-clicking on the playlist or folder (containing your new video file) in the tree in Mezzmo and clicking 'Maintain Playlist'. This will just maintain the files in the playlist or folder instead of maintaining your entire Mezzmo library via the 'Maintain Library' command.