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01-06-2008, 06:51 AM

So I have the trail version to test it out and I dont seem to understand hwo to do this. I just want this product for the soul purpose of STREAMING Movies/TV Shows to my television in the living room. I think that I need a Media Device. I sadly don't have a PS3 nor an xBOX360. So, can you tell me the name of "another media client device?"

Again, what I am trying to do is stream it from my PC in my room, to the living room.

Also, when I do get a PS3/xBox, were can I read on how to set up the system to stream to my TV?

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01-06-2008, 08:13 AM
Hello Juan,

Yes, you do need an additional hardware device to make streaming from the PC to your TV possible, unless your TV directly supports UPnP - you can check your TV's manual (or tell us your TV's make and model).

The exact hardware device you get really depends on the media formats that you need to stream and your budget. There're devices from NetGear, Buffalo, EzMedia, D-Link and many others. We can help find a suitable device for you if you can provide us with video formats that you have on your PC.

Regarding PS3/XBox360 - they are very simple to setup - PS3 doesn't need any configuration at all, it will work with Mezzmo straight away and configuring the XBox360 is very simple and we will provide you with instructions on how to do that if you wish.

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01-06-2008, 09:49 AM
Hello again,

First I would like to say you guys have a wonderful staff I mean, not only was my questions answered, but they were answered fast and efficiently.

Back to me, heh ;)....

My TV make is: AKAI LCT3201AD 32" LCD TV DVD COMBO.
The back of it looks like this:

The specs that I got off site:

LCD Panel
Screen Size: 32 inch
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 1366 (H) x 768 (V)
Contrast: 1000:1
Brightness: 500 cd/m2
Viewing Angle
Vertical: 170°
Horizontal: 170°
Response Time: 8 ms

Tuning System
Tuner: ATSC/NTSC TV Tuner
Color System: NTSC-M
Stereo System: MTS Stereo

VHF/UHF Antenna: F Connector x 1
A/V Composite Input: RCA x 1set
S-Video Input: Mini Din 4 Pin x 1
Component Video Input: RCA x 1set
HDMI Input: HDMI connector x 1
Audio Input : RCA x 4 sets
Audio Out: RCA x 1set
VGA Input: D-Sub 15P x1
Digital Audio Output: Coaxial

Comb Filter: 2D
3:2 Pull Down: Yes
Audio Power Output: 5W x2
OSD Language: English, French, Spanish

DVD Player
Color System: NTSC
Playable Disc: DVD/CD
Progressive Scan: Yes
Loading Type: Slot-loading

Power Source: 120V, 60Hz
Power Consumption: 250W

I don't know if I have what I need from those specs as I don't see anything that says UPnP.

In regards of the "hardware device," I would really like to just be directed to a name or a site were I can find out the one that I can buy.

Hope you can help,


01-06-2008, 02:21 PM
Thanks for the nice comment :)

No, sorry, but your TV doesn't have UPnP functionality built in (actually not that many TVs do at the moment, only a very small number of TVs from certain manufacturers have this currently, but this will evolve over time as anything else).

In regards finding a hardware device - you can search for "digital media receivers" and find one that suits you. For example, here's a review of a few of them on CNet: http://reviews.cnet.com/4566-6739_7-0.html?filter=502111_7933545_

Some specific models that I know of include:


Or you can just get a Sony Playstation 3 which is one of the best solutions for streaming (in my opinion - I have one myself at home) because they keep on expanding the number of media formats it supports via firmware updates.

There're quite a few devices on the market, so you'll have lots of choice. Just make sure it supports DLNA and the music/photo/video formats that you require.

If you'll have specific questions about some device, please don't hesitate to ask them here. We'll try to help.


01-06-2008, 02:30 PM

^^ Bad begging I know what I can say ;). Any who, I saw and I noticed that if I was gonna get one of these things I might as well get an xBOX360 or PS3. I was wondering if you can tell me how to set it up on the 360 so I can borrow a friends and see how it looks.


01-06-2008, 03:03 PM
In order for Mezzmo to work on an XBox360 you have to do the following:

On your PC running Mezzmo:
1. If you are running a firewall on your computer, ensure that MezzmoService.exe is allowed access to your network. For Windows Firewall, there is nothing for you to do since Mezzmo automatically configures your Windows Firewall to permit access. For other brands of firewalls, you must make sure that MezzmoService.exe is not blocked from accessing your network.

2. In Mezzmo, click on Tools/Options menu item to display the Options dialog. Go to Sharing Using UPnP/DLNA page, and click on the Xbox360 only radio button. The Mezzmo service has to be restarted and it will prompt you. Click Yes.

3. If you are running Windows Media Center, please close it.

On the XBox360:
1. If you have not connected your Xbox 360 onto your home network yet, then you need to follow Microsoft's guide to setting up your Xbox 360 onto your home network. Go to http://www.xbox.com/en-US/hardware/windowsmediacenter.htm?WT.svl=nav in your web browser for more details.

2. If you have another media sharing service connected to your Xbox 360, it has to be disconnected first:

On your Xbox 360, go to System tab and select Computers
Select Windows-based PC and then Disconnect

3. To connect your Xbox 360 to Mezzmo:

On your Xbox 360, go to the Media tab and select Music, Pictures or Video.
On the next screen select Computer and when it asks whether you’ve downloaded media sharing software select Yes, continue.
It will search your home network and you should see the Mezzmo server listed. Select it and you will be able to access media listed in Mezzmo.

That's it :)

Again, most digital media receivers (such as the PS3 and other devices) don't need any configuration at all. The XBox360 is a little bit different and thus requires those small steps.

Good luck and please let me know how it goes.