View Full Version : Issues with regional formats and Opera 10

08-31-2009, 12:39 AM
DownloadStudio doesn't seem to use the Windows regional formats in all cases:

1. Download jobs: Avg. speed seems to use a hardcoded dot as decimal symbol;

2. The Add Job > Commands > URL Details dialog box doesn't seem to use any regional formats.

Also, Opera 10.00 (soon to be released) doesn't seem to work properly: when downloading something the plugin should catch, Opera simply downloads the entire (binary program) file in a tab.

Finally, could you add a column to the Download Jobs for the date a file was modified on the server?

Thank you in advance.

09-01-2009, 11:48 AM

We have taken a look at the issues you have raised and made some changes that will be included in DownloadStudio 5.2 when it is released later in the year.

1. We have changed DownloadStudio to be aware of the windows character used for a decimal point in the current Windows environment.

2. We have also checked the regional formats are obeyed for dates and number formatting.

3. We have tested Opera 10, with our latest development version of DownloadStudio. We found the downloading was working correctly (although menus were not added successfully a fix for that will be in 5.2). When Opera pops up the their download dialog, please ensure you click the 'run' button to download a file in downloadstudio.

4. At this stage we have not added a column for server date time of a url in the download job list. I can see why this would be useful and we may implement this later on. The major implementation issue with regards to this is that this operation requires communication with the url server, all this takes an unknown amount of time and possibly unwanted bandwidth usage. We will revisit this request later on.