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09-12-2009, 05:32 AM
Hi, had the software a little while now but have mainly used for downloading individual large files. Works fine for that.

Now im trying to download multiple image files (from a free high def wallpaper site). But am struggling because they have their images at the end of multiple links such as http:\\www.blahblahblahblah.1600x1280.jpg.html

Which is fine if you only want one, because you can click the link and the image opens up. If you want 273 thats a bit tedious, hence why people like me pay for Download Studio.

I have succeeded on other websites who do store their jpegs as jpegs

Any tips on how to work round this issue ? Thanks.

09-14-2009, 04:34 PM
Try selecting 'Download site files' rather than a single file download. Set the job to only download images in the advanced download settings. This should allow you to grab all the images from the site using a single site job.

09-15-2009, 05:49 AM
Hi Brent, thanks for replying. I have selected Download Site Files, in actual fact I selected download entire web site, then filtered only on jpegs. And for some sites it works great. My question however is when you have a website, such as a typical wallpaper site like i mentioned below, that has each image available only on the end of an individual link, and that link usually finishes with picturename.jpeg.html Its no problem viewing and downloading each image one at a time. My browser preference is Opera, and I need to right-click the image once its onscreen and choose "Save Image", and i guess its pretty similar in Firefox or IE. But my question revolves around getting Download Studio to automate this process for 50 or 60 files, as despite it's many features i cant quite get it to work. Anybody else had success in this area ?

09-16-2009, 07:40 AM
When filtering out images there is two ways to do it, one is by extension in the url and the other is by the mime type of each url.

In the file filter settings for a site job (click the download settings... button on the add job dialog), try checking the 'Use MIME file types' check box and then selecting the image files type you require. This will allow the url to be identified as an image even though it does not have an image extension.

09-24-2009, 05:42 AM
Hi Brent, I see the option you refer to, and i've tried pretty much all the options I can in there and it still doesn't work. I guess the web designers are trying to make sure people can't use download managers.

But I have since found a way to do it directly within the Opera 10.0 browser interface. It only does all links on one page at a time but it's better than nothing.