View Full Version : Mezzmo v2.6.7 is available now!

07-24-2012, 03:04 PM
A new version of Mezzmo has been released and is available for download now! New features and improvements include:

Fixed: Device detection and device profile association when browsing and streaming to DLNA/UPnP devices.
Note: If you have previously installed Mezzmo v2.6.6 and suddenly experienced problems when streaming to devices, then please install the v2.6.7 update. After installing the v2.6.7 update, go to the Media Devices dialog in Mezzmo and delete all your devices. Re-start your Mezzmo server and your devices will be correctly detected and re-listed in the Media Devices dialog.

Please use Help -> Check for Updates or directly download from http://www.conceiva.com/downloads/mezzmo-setup.exe