View Full Version : Sony xbr9 52 can not find media server

01-11-2010, 09:58 AM

I just installed lastest version of Mezzmo in my windows 7 64 bit system, then add new device to mezzmo, it can automatically find mac address of my sony tv. I restarted my computer when I finished setup. So my tv can not find media server of mezzmo, my other computer also too.

01-11-2010, 11:01 AM
Can you please try turning your firewall off to see if it helps? Please let me know how that goes.

01-13-2010, 04:50 AM
Can you tell me why use this software instead of windows media player?

windows media player also can work with my sony tv.

I want to play many format vedio in my sony tv. I use Mezzmo server, I still can not play RM format in my sony tv.

In my point of view, what format can play depends on player, not depends on what media server.

I want to know what format will be play better in my sony tv. It really can play mp4 or xvid, but the quality is lower than play in computer.

Can I change the audio channel for different languages or koarok function?

01-13-2010, 08:27 AM
If you go to Media Server Settings, is the button "Configure Windows Firewall" enabled or disabled? Does the text to the left of that button say that it's configured correctly or not?

Mezzmo has several advantages over WMP that comes with Windows 7, including more powerful and flexible transcoding, extensive organizing features, support for large collections (over 500,000 files), parental/access control and much more. You can see a full list of features here: http://www.conceiva.com/products/mezzmo/default.asp

Your RM files should transcode and play on the TV, can you please generate a log file of when you try to play one of those files and send it to support (at) conceiva (dot) com? Please see this thread: http://forum.conceiva.com/showthread.php?t=419 for information on how to generate a log file.

If your TV model supports mpeg4 and xvid, we can modify the device profile and stream them natively, without transcoding. Please contact support and we'll work with you on that as well.

At the moment you cannot change the channel automatically (on-the-fly), but we're also considering this functionality along with subtitles in a future update.