View Full Version : Is there a character length limitation on file names stored in Download Studio Hist?

02-16-2010, 11:43 AM

I have been reorganizing files on my computer lately. This has resulted in more folders and thus longer file names. Lately, I have noticed that the first part of a file name/path has been cut off in the history resulting in a file not found error. For example, I was downloading a file to c:\Users\Don\My Documents\Ebooks\Programming\Languages\C\Advanced Linux Programming. The drop down history shows \My Documents\Programming\......etc.
My only thought is that the path was too long and download studio retained only the final portion in the history. The download worked just fine when I used the browse option to enter the path. Is there any way I can extend the path length in Download Studio or do I need to download to another location with a shorter path then copy the files to where I want them?

02-17-2010, 08:38 AM
DownloadStudio detects the presence of the "My Documents" folder in the path and removes everything before "My Documents" to make the display of the path in the drop down list clearer and easier to read. It is similar to how Windows Explorer displays only "My Documents\Ebooks\Programming\Languages\C\Advanced Linux Programming" and not "c:\Users\Don\My Documents\Ebooks\Programming\Languages\C\Advanced Linux Programming". If you select "My Documents\Ebooks\Programming\Languages\C\Advanced Linux Programming" from the history for the download location then your files will be downloaded to the correct folder.