View Full Version : Mezzmo v2.1.6 is available now!

05-04-2010, 05:21 PM
A new version of Mezzmo has been released and is available for download now! New features and improvements include:

New: Device profile for Archos 7 tablet.
New: Device profile for Pioneer Kuro TVs.
New: Device profile for Buffalo Link Theater DVD.
New: Device profile for Onkyo TX Receiver.
New: Device support for Brite-View 5005HD / 5005HD mini.
New: Device profile for XBMC software media player.
New: Device support for Emtec N200 media player.
New: Device support for Zinwell 5005HD / 5005HD mini.
New: Device support for Roberts Stream 83i internet radio.
New: Spanish, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese language support.
New: Month keyword added to active playlists.
New: Support for .MTS file format.
New: Internal player removed from Mezzmo. Right-click to play files in your default music/video players.
Improved: MPEG and MP3 support for Directv.
Improved: Stuttering and transcoding issues with Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray player.
Improved: AVI and MP3 support for Samsung TVs.
Improved: 6 channel support for MPEG2, and ASF and MPEGTS support for Sony Bravia TVs.
Improved: QT H264/AAC support for Samsung TVs.
Improved: QT H264/AAC support for Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3).
Improved: QT support and MKV remuxing for LG Blu-ray player.
Improved: H264 support D-Link DSM-750.
Improved: Better DLNA 1.5 compliance when streaming to devices.
Improved: Album playlists now sorted by track.
Improved: Year/Month playlists are now sorted by date.
Improved: Recently Added playlist is now sorted by date.
Improved: Meta tags retrieved from more music and video file types.
Improved: Better Windows 7 support.
Improved: User interface correctly maintained when switching between languages.
Improved: Support for Windows firewalls.
Fixed: Empty titles no longer delivered to devices.
Fixed: Alert dialog no longer displayed when maintaining library and exiting Mezzmo.
Fixed: Several memory leaks whilst maintaining library.
Fixed: Can no longer import from iTunes multiple times simultaneously.
Fixed: Deleting temporary files after usage.
Fixed: Removed empty active playlists after music files deleted from library.
Fixed: Maintaining library on Windows 7 can scan complete hard disk.
Fixed: Maintaining library works on all types of folders and playlists.
Fixed: Smart playlist operators (e.g. is) is now case-insensitive.
Fixed: Crash when importing iTunes and deleting playlists at the same time.
Fixed: iPhone can now be streamed to WD TV Live media player.
Fixed: "Server could not be stopped - error 109" error message fixed.
Fixed: "An invalid argument was encountered" error message fixed.
Fixed: Crash when displaying Properties dialog for content added from another DLNA server.
Fixed: Lyrics now saved in Properties dialog.
Fixed: Language setting is now remembered for future sessions.

Please use Help -> Check for Updates or directly download from http://www.conceiva.com/downloads/mezzmo-setup.exe