View Full Version : Tip: Changing the video quality of YouTube downloads

10-09-2012, 09:11 AM
In DownloadStudio it is possible to change the quality of the video downloaded from YouTube. Increasing the selected download quality may change the size and format of the download. To change the quality level, follow these steps:

1) Add a new download job in DownloadStudio, ensure the action of the job is Download File
2) Add the URL of the YouTube video to be downloaded, ie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxxxxxxxxxxxx
3) Click on the Download Settings... button
4) Click on the Video Settings options in the list (This will not be shown if you have not entered a YouTube url into the add job dialog)
5) Use the Preferred Video Quality drop down list to set the desired video quality.

The available quality levels (from lowest to highest quality) are SD, HQ, HD, HD-1080p. Not all quality levels are available for all videos, but DownloadStudio will try and get the video closest to the quality level you select.


Read this post (http://forum.conceiva.com/showthread.php/4993-Tip-Using-site-rules-to-always-download-YouTube-at-your-favored-quality-level) for information about creating a site rule to always download videos at a certain quality level

Note: If you are using DownloadStudio 7.0.5, please apply the YouTube patch (http://forum.conceiva.com/showthread.php/4440-Youtube-patch-for-DownloadStudio-7-0-5-users)