View Full Version : Site Explorer Crashing at Address Change After Downloads Finish

11-03-2012, 03:24 AM
Dear All,

1. I have Windows XP Pro SP3 and Download Studio v7.0.5.0 installed.
2. I am trying to use DS with this site www.chitanka.info in the Site Explorer mode to download ebooks in the *.epub format.
3. However, if the following sequence of actions is followed DS will crash almost every time:

- go to www.chitanka.info
- load a page of ebooks
- copy the address and insert in DS in the Site Explorer mode, press Enter
- sort to get all the *.epub files
- highlight them to select them and press the Download button with the setting to start download immediately

4. After the 10 or so files are downloaded, go to the next page in www.chitanka.info, copy the address and try to insert in DS.
5. At this stage more often than not DS will crash (the window freezes and you have to close it forcibly).
6. Interestingly, if you choose not to download immediately, and instead collect all the *.epub files for later download, there is no crash whatsoever.

Anyone's ideas are welcome.

Kind Regards,

11-05-2012, 08:17 AM
Hi Aficionado,

Thank you for including the precise steps for this issue. Unfortunately I was unable to reproduce this. I followed your steps and started downloading from a few pages of the files without issue, and then the website started blocking requests a returning a message that I had made too many connections to its site and it has blocked access. Even if you had the same block happen it should not cause a hang in DownloadStudio. I will try to reproduce the issue on some other sites, let me know if you can provide for information or if you have the same thing happen on other sites.