View Full Version : Tutorial: How to stream 3D video to your devices

05-20-2013, 01:39 PM
Streaming 3D video to your devices, such as your 3D TV, is easy in Mezzmo:

Right-click on the video in Mezzmo and click Properties.
Go to the Video tab on the Properties dialog.


Click the Perspective button to set the type of 3D video - for example, side-by-side (SbS), top-and-bottom (TaB) or video frame packing (FrP).
Click OK to save your changes.
Stream the video to your device.

Tip: If you still do not see your video in 3D, make sure you have set your device into 3D mode. Press the 3D button on your remote control to enter 3D mode and choose the type of 3D video.

Tip: Setting the perspective for your 3D videos is important if Mezzmo has to burn subtitles or if Mezzmo has to resize your videos to match your device.