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05-20-2013, 03:16 PM
Mezzmo gives you full control over what media files you want to share with specific DLNA devices on your home network. You may want to configure Mezzmo so that only certain DLNA devices can connect to your Mezzmo library, or allow certain devices to access only certain folders and playlists of files.

Mezzmo contains 4 levels of security for sharing your media files:

1. Parental Control using Content Ratings (recommended) - see http://forum.conceiva.com/showthread.php/7272-Tutorial-Parental-Control

2. Media server security

3. Device security

4. Folder / Playlist security

05-20-2013, 03:23 PM
If you do not want to share media files from your Mezzmo library with any DLNA device in your home, then simply stop running your Mezzmo media server. This will turn off the Mezzmo media server and no DLNA devices will be able to see Mezzmo or access your files via Mezzmo on your home network.

To stop running your Mezzmo media server, click the Stop Media Server toolbar button in Mezzmo.

By default, your Mezzmo server is configured to run at Windows startup. You can change this using the Media Server Settings dialog.


05-20-2013, 03:38 PM
When a device connects to your Mezzmo server for the first time, the Mezzmo Notify window will pop up on your computer and inform you that the device is attempting to connect to your Mezzmo server. The IP address and MAC address of the device will be added to the Media Devices dialog.

You can allow or deny access for a device using the Media Devices dialog. If you deny access, then this device will no longer be able to access any playlists or media files in your Mezzmo library.

To change the security for the DLNA device, select the DLNA device in the Media Devices dialog, and click the Allow/Deny button.


Tip: If you just want your favorite devices listed in the Media Devices dialog and no other unwanted devices, then try the following:

Stop your Mezzmo server.
In the Media Devices dialog, delete any unwanted devices.
Uncheck the Allow all new devices to connect to Mezzmo checkbox.
Start your Mezzmo server. Now, any new device will denied access to your Mezzmo server and no new devices will be listed in the Media Devices dialog.

05-20-2013, 04:07 PM
Folder / Playlist security lets you configure your folders and playlists in your Mezzmo library so that specific DLNA devices will only be able to view only those folders and playlists that you permit them to.

For example, you may want to configure your Mezzmo library so that only those suitable (non-adult) folders and playlists are available to your children's Xbox 360 or PS3 in their bedroom. This will mean that your children will never be able to browse and play media files from your Mezzmo library that you deem unsuitable to them.

To set folder or playlist sharing permissions, right-click on a folder or playlist in Mezzmo and click Playlist Sharing Permissions to display the Playlist Sharing Permissions dialog. This dialog will let you choose the devices (or manually enter the IP addresses of the devices) that you wish to allow or deny access.


Tip: To reset all permissions so all devices can access all folders and playlists, right click on the Library root tree item and click Playlist Sharing Permissions to display the Playlist Sharing Permissions dialog. In the Playlist Sharing Permissions dialog, click the Allow all devices to access this playlist radio button and click the Apply to sub-playlists checkbox.