View Full Version : Tutorial: How to know if a file needs to be transcoded when browsing on your device

05-21-2013, 06:20 PM
If you want to know which files require transcoding and which files don't require transcoding when you are browsing your folders and playlists on your devices, then do the following:

In Mezzmo, go to the Options dialog (Logging page).
Turn on the Add text to title when a file requires transcoding checkbox.
Choose a character or text that you want appended to your titles. For example, the '*' character may be a good indicator. Mezzmo will add this onto files' titles when they require transcoding when you browse your folders and playlists on your devices.


Click OK and restart your Mezzmo server.
Browse your folders and playlists on your devices and you will see titles that have your special text suffix listed when they require transcoding.

Note: Files that do not require transcoding or have already been transcoded will not have the special text appended to their titles.