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08-15-2013, 12:20 PM
Mezzmo can collect and stream folder artwork to your devices. Many devices, such as Sony Bravia TVs and WD TV Live media players, display this folder artwork when browsing your files streamed from Mezzmo. This can make for a better browsing experience.

You can turn on/off folder artwork collection and streaming in Mezzmo. By default, folder artwork collection and streaming is turned on.

Folder artwork collection

By default, Mezzmo will try to find folder artwork when you add your files into Mezzmo. Folder artwork files are often external files, such as 'folder.jpg', that are found in the folder. You can turn on/off what external files to use when collecting folder artwork.

In Mezzmo, go to the Options dialog (Retrieving Metadata page).
Click the Metadata Retrieval Settings button.
In the Metadata Retrieval Settings dialog, go to the Folder tab.


Turn off/on the folder artwork settings that you wish to use.
Tip: If Mezzmo finds no external folder artwork files in the folder, then it can use artwork from the files contained in the folder or playlist. The Create artwork based on contents of folder/playlist checkbox turns this setting on/off.
Tip: To stop collecting any folder artwork, then turn off all checkboxes in the Folder tab.
Any changes to the above settings will be applied to new files that you add into Mezzmo or when you run Maintain Library with the Update all attributes radio button selected.

08-15-2013, 12:25 PM
You can turn on/off streaming folder artwork for your devices using the following settings:

Go to the Media Devices dialog and edit your device.
On the Device Settings dialog, go to the Performance tab.


Turn on/off the Deliver folder artwork checkbox.

07-02-2014, 12:50 PM
You can manually change the artwork for a folder, sub-folder, playlist or sub-playlist.

Right-click on the folder, sub-folder, playlist or sub-playlist and click Properties.


Click the Change Artwork button to modify the artwork.

Note: For sub-folders or sub-active playlists, the Properties dialog will only let you change the artwork and no other setting.