View Full Version : Mezzmo on Win7 64Bit with Sony Bravia

09-19-2010, 10:46 AM
Hey chaps :)

I've looked over the forums and see that the Bravia needs a patch for the latest version of Mezzmo. I have emailed support for this :)

But I also have an issue....... I'm running Win7 Ultimate 64Bit and if I try to play a movie on the TV the PC has a box pop up saying "ffmpeg has stopped responding". Now I've looked this up and see that the latest version of "ffmpeg" is not too happy on win7 64Bit. So I found an old version and just copied it into the Mezzmo folder. Now the error doesn't pop up even though no movie plays.

My question really is this... Is this ok to do or will I really mess something up? Do I need a different one? The file details say that ffmpeg is version "" and the date is "08/04/2010 05:25" if that helps.

I'll wait till I get the patch before I start to do too much messing around.

Needless to say that I will be putting my hand in my pocket to register it if I get it running (which I've no doubt will happen).

I've got some of my music collection on the server and playing on the TV and I'm chuffed so far. Just videos to sort out and I'll be taking out the original xbox that's running XMBC.


Sean :)

09-19-2010, 11:16 AM
For your ffmpeg issue: personally I use the 32-bit version from this site: http://ffmpeg.arrozcru.org/autobuilds/ . I also have a 64-bit Windows 7, having no issue.

Note that those are daily builds however, so there's no guarantee that today's build will work as well as previous ones - the build I run is a few weeks old.

It's safe replacing the ffmpeg.exe file from the Mezzmo installation folder - just make a backup of the original one first, just in case.

09-19-2010, 09:12 PM
Thanks RMerlin.

I did make a backup. Got about 4 ffmpeg.exe files with different names now. I'll delete the unused ones once I've got the patch from support and all is working.

Sean :)

09-20-2010, 10:22 AM
Yes, it's safe to replace FFmpeg, but the only downside is that if it doesn't transcode something properly, we won't be able to help you unless you're using our own build of FFmpeg (since that's the build we can test).

We update FFmpeg here on a weekly basis to see what bugs have been fixed and starting from last week our FFmpeg builds have changed to use pthreads to utilize multithreading when encoding h264 video. This will be part of the next minor update (due out soon).

09-20-2010, 10:51 AM
Thanks Dennis.

Great support (Via email to support). I'm up and running and have just paid for Mezzmo :)

Keep up the good work.

Sean :)

09-20-2010, 10:53 AM
Thanks Sean!