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06-07-2008, 01:25 AM
Hey there, guys. I've been using Download Studio since version 2.x - I absolutely love it. Terrific product. That being said, I have had an issue since then which still exists today, except the results are slightly different.

Problem: When attempting to download a range of files, if that number goes above 100,000 (it could be lower but 100,000 is a good basis), Download Studio used to just crash immediately (prior to version 4). Now, Download Studio freezes and I watch the memory continuously climb when viewing the process. Also, CPU usage is continuously high (80% or more).

I've tried this with multiple programs running, no programs running, etc. Just short of letting it run over night to see what happens, I've tried about every scenario I can think of. Now, if I go to download a range of, say, 10,000 files, Download Studio freezes for a very minuscule amount of time and then does its thing. I've multiplied the time it takes for DL Studio to parse a 10,000 file file range job by 10 to give me the time it should theoretically take to parse a 100,000 file file range job and I've easily let the software go for 20 times that amount of time with nothing but an incline in memory usage and constant CPU taxing.

I'm on a 3GHz Celeron processor with 1GB of RAM, so I should be good to go. How does DL Studio parse a file range job under the hood? I'm curious as to if you guys or anyone else out there have experienced this issue and if so, is this a current limitation in the software due to the way a file range job currently parses in the application?

Other than the aforementioned, DL Studio works great for me and version 4 has been quite awesome. Terrific product, guys.

Thanks for your time,

EDIT: I suppose I should have mentioned that XP Professional is my OS.

06-10-2008, 09:45 AM
Thank you for your comments.

We can reproduce the problem here and will take a look and hopefully have a fix for the bug in the next update of DownloadStudio.

06-11-2008, 11:09 PM
Good deal. Thanks for the reply, Brent.