View Full Version : Mezzmo v4.0.1.0 is available now!

06-03-2014, 04:04 PM
A new version of Mezzmo has been released and is available for download now! New features and improvements include:

New: Mezzmo Android app launched! Combine Mezzmo v4.0 with our new Mezzmo Android app for an amazing home streaming experience. Installed on your tablet or smartphone, Mezzmo Android lets you browse your Mezzmo library, select a device in your home to stream to and then select files to stream to that device. You get full playback control, support for all popular devices including Google Chromecast, auto transcoding, full metadata display, playlists and photo slideshows. Mezzmo Android is available on Google Play.
New: Stream Blu-ray rips and Blu-ray ISOs. Mezzmo automatically finds the videos in your ripped Blu-rays / DVDs and Blu-ray / DVD ISO files and adds them to your Mezzmo library. Great-looking movie and TV show artwork and text metadata is automatically collected.
New: Parental control using content ratings. Set content rating permissions for all your devices in your home so that your children cannot access media files that are not suitable for their age. Mezzmo automatically collects the content ratings for your movies and TV shows. Advanced features let you set the times when content restrictions apply (for example, between 6:00AM to 9:00PM) and enter a special PIN code into your Mezzmo Android app to bypass content restrictions so you can view and play all media files at any time of day. Go to the Options dialog (Content Ratings page) to manage content ratings and set preferred country ratings. Go to the Device Settings dialog (Content Ratings tab) to set content restrictions for a device. Go to Properties dialog for a file to set the content rating for a file. Go to the Properties dialog for a playlist/folder to set the content rating for a playlist/folder.
New: More artwork and text metadata collected including great-looking posters and backdrops, title, series, season, episode, release date, plot, tagline, genre, actors, directors, producers, production company, IMDB links, web site, keywords, album, track, disc, album cover artwork, album artist, EXIF, ITPC, XMP metadata and more. All metadata is editable in the improved Properties dialog, and all metadata is displayed in the new Mezzmo Android app.
New: Google Chromecast support. When combined with our new Mezzmo Android app, Mezzmo lets you stream movies, TV shows, home movies, music and photos to your Google Chromecast dongles. Mezzmo automatically transcodes any incompatible files. Subtitles are displayed. Advanced features include photo slideshows, music playlists and casting full metadata details onto your Google Chromecast for a great browsing experience.
New: Display Titles let you configure how titles for all your files are displayed on your devices. Use Display Title Keywords to choose the metadata you want to see as your titles. For example, for music you may want the track number displayed, so you can set the display title for music files to "%TRACK% - %TITLE%". For movies, you may want the year displayed, so you can set the display title for movies to "%TITLE% (%YEAR%)". For TV shows, you may want to display the series, season and episode, so you can set the display title for TV shows to "%SERIES% S%SEASON E%EPISODE - %TITLE%". Go to the Options dialog (General page) to set display titles for your Mezzmo library. Go to the Properties dialog for a playlist/folder to set the display titles for a playlist/folder.
New: For owners of Samsung E/F-series TVs or Blu-ray players, you can now get your files listed in the correct sort order using a special display title keyword called %FILECOUNTER%. Setting a display title like "%FILECOUNTER% %TITLE%" will list files on your TV as "001 Inception", "002 Gravity", "003 Star Trek", etc. Go to the Options dialog (General page) to set display titles for your Mezzmo library. Go to the Properties dialog for a playlist/folder to set the display titles for a playlist/folder.
New: Sort titles. Mezzmo automatically adds sort titles for your files so you can sort or list them without common words such as "The", "An" and "A" grouping them. This lets you find your files easily. For example, movies such as "A Beautiful Mind" and "The Godfather" will have sort titles of "Beautiful Mind, A" and "Godfather, The". Sort title keywords are fully configurable and support all languages. Go to the Metadata Retrieval Settings dialog (Other tab) to edit sort title keywords. Go to the Properties dialog for a file to edit a sort title.
New: Smart filters give you more control over your active playlists. Set smart filters on your active playlists so you can filter your active playlist to only show the files you are interested in. For example, set a smart filter on an active playlist so only movies are displayed. Go to the Properties dialog for an active playlist to set the smart filter.
New: 4K / 8K Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) support. Mezzmo now supports streaming video and photos to 4K and 8K Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) TVs.
New: Set the drive / folder for your Mezzmo database files. Go to the Options dialog (General Page).
New: Backup your Mezzmo database files for safe keeping. Restore your Mezzmo backup when problem occur. Go to the Options dialog (General Page).
New: Reset your Mezzmo database to get a clean database with default set of playlists. Go to the Options dialog (General Page).
New: Movies and Home movies playlists installed. Mezzmo automatically finds and adds movies into the new Movies playlist and home movies into the Home movies playlist for a great browsing experience. Existing users will need to maintain their library for these playlists to be populated.
New: Set artwork for sub-folders and sub-active playlists. Right-click on a sub-folder or sub-active playlist and click Properties.
New: Support for Microsoft Xbox One games console.
New: Support for Google Chromecast dongles.
New: Support for Roku 3 streaming media players.
New: Support for Oppo BDP 103 Blu-ray players.
New: Support for Panasonic BDP Blu-ray players (2013 models).
New: Support for Sony Network Audio Systems.
New: Czech language (thanks Franta!).
Improved: More formats supported for Pioneer BDP Blu-ray players.
Improved: Image format support for LG BDP Blu-ray players.
Improved: MP3 format support for Panasonic BDP (2012 models) Blu-ray players.
Improved: FLAC format support for Marantz NA receivers.
Improved: Properties dialog lists more metadata and is now resizeable.
Improved: Better movie, TV series, season and episode detection from file paths.
Improved: Reading EXIF, ITPC and XMP metadata from photos.
Improved: Reading photo ratings (stars) from Microsoft Windows and other tools.
Improved: More keywords added to smart playlists for creating custom playlists.
Improved: Turn on/off getting movie details containing adult content. Go to Metadata Retrieval Settings dialog.
Improved: Reading more text metadata embedded in video files.
Improved: Handling of DVD rips and ISOs.
Improved: Wrong poster artwork assigned to files.
Improved: Mezzmo database is now smaller and more efficient.
Fixed: TV series name is sometime broken into parts when commas are in TV series name.
Fixed: Various crashes reported by users.

Please use Help -> Check for Updates or directly download from http://www.conceiva.com/downloads/mezzmo-setup.exe